HELP ME FIND Gudang garam cigarettes (kretek/ clove/indonesian) IN TAIPEI



I just smoke this one particular kind of cigarettes. So far I have been unable to find these here in Taipei. Please help me, someone, if you know where to find GUDANG GARAM INDONESIAN KRETEK CIGARETTES.



You can try here…


Xie xie, kind sir


I live in xinyi. i went to three toko indos around here and didnt find it.

does only this one particular store has it or what? any thoughts?


Did you ask them? If anyone knows the Indonesian people will.

A thought. The store at 193 Huayin Street behind the train station near Q Square They used to have grey market stuff that’s not on their website.


Here in Kaohsiung can get them at the INDEX stores. A quick google maps search brings up this address in Taipei “No. 3, Lane 18, Shuangcheng Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491”.


I don’t think they are actually Gudang Garam but they are Indonesian clove cigarettes. Same smell and taste.


Yes, i asked the people.

one of them was kind enough to guide me to the other store (where, again, it wasnt available)

one just laughed when he heard the name, other just said ‘mei you’

I’ll check out the store you mentioned. But the google street view shows clothing shops and sign boards in chinese (which i cant really read). would i be able to find it if i happen to go there?


alright, index store it is… but not gudang gardam, something similar?

well, this one guy, he told me to buy this brand of cigs (similar to GG) called the black devil. they are equally horrible as the name is, and nothing like the real deal.
ill go to index anyway. thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s a first floor storefront. It’s a really old school commercial street, but you can’t miss it.


Very similar, tastes great. I don’t know the name I’ve only bought them once as a treat but you are making me want to go buy some now. When I bought them I asked for GG but they didnt have so I asked for Indonesian clove cigarettes. I remember them being a regular sized blue packet of 20.


On a side note you can buy prepaid Far Eastone unlimited mobile internet for $499 a month from the INDEX stores which is cheaper and easier to buy than through a FET store.


Alright! Thanks again! This will be a weekend well spent.


Hi, are you still looking for Gudang Garam and kreteks in general? I have a lot and would be willing to sell them.


hi haro, do you still have the kretek?im also looking for that


I found GG at the main station underground “mall”, a couple friends even got it for me from Indonesia.
But, fortunately I ended up quitting. Been a couple months; not even an urge to smoke. Strange!



So do you still have any?im asking for a friend, he want to try Indonesian cigarettes.thanks!