Help me, what are the rules to this drinking game?

I left Taiwan a year ago and still miss it. I went out for New Year′s last night and I suddenly got the urge to teach my friends the drinking game I used to play with Taiwanese friends.

I′m sure if you drink you′ve been exposed to this in one form or another. You show a certain number of fingers, then based on that (the person with one more finger showing is the winner? loser?) you go on to another stage, which is accompanied by a chant, ″xxx xxx xxx, nansheng nusheng pei,″ and you have to point up, down, left, or right, while your opponent points their nose in one of the four directions… if they match up, someone drinks?

Its pathetic but if I could only remember that game…

I can’t remember how to do the second stage pointing part, I just play the first stage (throwing fingers).
The winner is the one with one more finger showing, loser drinks.

I was taught it as follows:

You say “Hey Bai Tsay” then do paper scissors stone and the winner gets to say

“Nan Shen, Nu Shen Pei” and points in one direction. If the loser looks in the same direction then he/she drinks.

If not then the game continues from the beginning. Over and over again.

The novelty wore off for me very fast. I really suck at those games anyways. Either it’s cause I’m always too drunk to begin with or that I am just plain old dumb?

That’s way too complicated for me. I’ll just drink, thanks.