Help! Need directions to Shihlin UPS or Neihu Fedex or

I leave Taiwan tomorrow and need to send my laptop and other odds and ends back home. But I can’t seem to locate the places that’ll let me ship things out on a Saturday.
So where the hell is the UPS place in Shihlin? The UPS website gives me an address and when I enter the address into into Taiwan Maps, I get directed to somewhere in the netherrealm of Beitou. The address is No 361, Ta Nan Road, and I can’t find it on my regular street map, either.
If you’re not sure about the UPS place, maybe someone out there knows where the Fedex in Neihu is located (Hsin-Hu Rd)? Wish I could just print out the directions in Chinese and give it to a cabdriver, but I don’t own a printer.

Thanks in advance for all your help with this and all my former posts (sorry I’ve been a bit of a plague recently). This forum is fantastic!

Tel.: (886) 2-8245 8868

That’s the phone number to the Chung Ho office. the web site says you can also do shipping from any Family Mart store. Call and see if your packages can be done from there before making a trip. They will know English.

best of luck