Help please, residence visa related

My wife got a residence visa on my ARC, then she applied for an ARC of her own. She was later turned down for it. No one, and I mean NO ONE, told us that she should leave the country to start the process all over again. Since my ARC is valid we thought that she could stay in the country legally. Now that we are planning a vacation we have been told that she is actually illegal and will have to pay a fine. Does anyone know what will happen or what my wife and myself will have to do? We are wondering if she can get back into the country after the vacation, with paying the fine. Should we, or can we reapply for an ARC, under my ARC, before we leave, even though it is months after the 15 day period. I read in another forum that it is up to the person handling your case, where is that person? At the airport or at the foreign police station? We really need all the help we can get. Thank you in advance for your reply.

You will need to inquire at the foreign police station in your jurisdiction. Since your case is unusual it would be hard for us to give you any solid advice about what will happen.

…And you can find information about the Foreign Police contacts at this link

Thank you to those who replied. We went to the foriegn police and paid a fine and then filled out ARC papers and all looks fine. For anyone else that maybe in this situation, this worked out in Hsinchu, but may not work out in your county, but it is definitly worth phoning them or looking in to. Thanks again!!!