Help! Reasonably priced hotel!

Hi all- I need a recommendation for a hotel in Taipei that has airport transportation that doesn’t cost NT$6500.



Try Howard International House. This is part of the Howard group. The government built a training complex in the centre of Taipei and Howard built the accommodation facilities. Rooms are a tad small and service basic but excellent facilities (gym, indoor pool, etc). I have recommended it to many business visitors coming out from the UK and have had excellent reports. It is very good value at around NT$1,800 a night. They have airport pick-up.

Howard International House
No. 30, Hsin-Sheng South Rd., Sec. 3
Taipei 106
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-(0)2-8369-1155
Fax: 886-(0)2-8369-1177

Please also see:


Are there any “newish” mid-range hotels in Taipei (other than the one listed)?

I can’t believe the expense of staying in a hotel in Taipei especially considering that you really get nothing special in return outside of your standard business hotel experience. I don’t remember it being as expensive last year when my wife and I used to spend a couple nights a month in Taipei. The same room now costs double at about $8900 per night. At these prices it becomes cheaper to spend weekends abroad.

Jesus, what hotels are you talking about? You can stay in a 5 star for those should be able to get a business hotel for 1500-2000. There are heaps. Just depends where you are staying.