Help! souvenirs to bring back home

I’m going back to Canada for the summer, but I can’t think of anything to bring back for my freinds & famiiies :frowning:
Can the kind people from forumosa help me out? :thanks:

i brought teapots once - went to an auction with a friend, and bought lots for quite cheap. this way, they came in a hard box good for packing(even with a picture of the “possible” maker of the pot).

you could always go to inge and shop around for some you like more, but be sure to get the boxes.

other small pottery from inge.
calligraphy stand with some brushes.
stuff from the national palace museum (not really cheap - wall scrolls were my favorite one trip home).

have fun, and bring me back some spitz … :wink:

There was a similar thread a while back and someone brilliantly suggested coke cans written in chinese. :slight_smile:

no gifts needed
just bring yourself

Erhu had a great idea once----Bring them the green tennis rackets used for killing mosqitoes(sp). She said her family and friends loved them!!!

The mosquito killing racket is a good suggestion. I took a few back home last time and everyone liked it.

how about some of those ladies long pointy toed shoes?

i scrounged up some taiwanese motorcycle license plate. good for the right kind of people.

similar to the coke can idea, stuff like an empty box of tony the tiger in chinese is good for a grin.

give a kid a 100NT note and he’ll think you’re the bestest.

Along the same line as the coke can, I took a carton of “Long Life” cigarettes back once and they were a hit for the comedic value. Not appropriate for everyone, but some find them curiously interesting.

If you’re looking for more than trinkets and want to spend between 1,500-3,000 NT (and up, of course) on someone, this is a great place for buying gold items. You can get a rooster (since we’re in that year), or a dragon, boat, etc. They come in nice little boxes. Just be careful, since the gold is thin and easily softens in the heat, so the figure might slightly bend out of shape if exposed to high heat for a long period. Xi Men Ding has several shops with reasonable prices.

I took the killing racket back last Christmas. Made sure it had batteries in and handed to my mom after testing. She took it by the wires and got a shock.

A christmas shock. Good present but remember that they do hold charge in the wires. I had to test it on myself because I thought she was joking.

The accidently fractured english t shirts are another interesting present.

Here’s another souvenir thread:

We really need a souvenirs’ sticky, don’t you think?

I’m biased, but anytime anyone brings me a funky musical instrument from their travels it gladdens my heart. I seem to have a preponderance of musical friends in the old country, and I’ve brought back everything from erhus and pipas to shiangs (sp?) and zhong ruen. Get student models and they don’t have to be terribly expensive.
Or how about a nice chop with their name inscribed? That always seems to go down well and they’re easy to travel with.

Good quality teas, teapots, pottery or bowls from Yingge, paper umbrellas (from Meinong but you can pick them up at the handicraft centre just north of CKS Memorial Hall). Silk fans. The best place is Lugang. They are gorgeous and not badly priced at $1500 for the normal sized ones.

Traditional yoyos.

There’s a new comic bookseries out on Taiwanese history in English. Those Asiapac Chinese classics in cartoon form are also good. Pick them up at Caves.

Dried fruit and stuff.

Those traditional bamboo/grass raincoats. Easy to pick one up in Danshui on the main street.

There’s a guy in Taichung who makes these really beautiful tea sets that are designed so you can enjoy tea Tang Dynasty style: ie, use a ceramic large bowl and a ceramic ladle and two larger cups. He wraps everything up in a nice blue clothe that folds to look like a persimmon. Really classy. They cost about $5000. Good for the parents or someone special.

Traditional shoes. Great gifts for the females on your list. … /12/135780

Take some loose change with you. Shiny, interesting Taiwanese coins from the tooth fairy.

Just remember, any gift valued over CDN$60 is subject to Federal and Provincial Tax, thanks to our good friends at Rev. Can. :raspberry: