Help! Stalking / harassing laws?

Help, I can’t stop my dog from humping my leg! And worse yet, I like it! Can I have a court order put against her?

how exactly does she know where you live and work. Is she Taiwaese or a foreginer?
Are you in Taiwan?

Is she a total psycho and would she go this far? has she told you she is going to do all these things… go to where you work etc?
or is she bluffing and hopnig to cause you distress by these threats (which seems to be succeeding)?
What does she want ? Just to make you miserable? she has come a long way to do this
What did you do to her?

If necessary a couple of guys could rough you up and then claim she assaulted you

She followed me home. Usually she just sniffs but sometimes…I can’t go on. (sniff)

gee what a mess. how are you going to deal with that? my hair is standing on end just thinking about it.

Wow. I thought only gay Taiwanese men in their 20s were psychotic stalkers.

First of all, I am itching for more details. What exactly has she already done to you?

Do you live in a building with security or not? If so, tell the doorman no one is to come to your place. If not, you can always call the neighborhood cops if she comes knock, knockin’ on your door. Have their phone number handy just in case. In fact, have some friends go on alert for you, just in case you need their help.

Maybe a mess but here we only see one side of the story…

Almost makes one long for the security of starting a relationship through a stable established group, such as the Moonies. :stuck_out_tongue:

screaming jesus, it sounds bad. good luck. she from Hong Kong, i suppose, right? probably the jewish cabal your favorite sinister group is out to get you. stick to your guns and run for the hills. and let us know outcome. hope all ends well.

Good luck.

Get another xiao jie that is just as crazy and let them fight it out. We could all sit around and watch. :wink:

And are there any diseases one can catch from being licked by a dog?

No, no, this is not funny, SJ, and it has happened to all of us at one point or another. Looks like she is backing off, keep cool. All this will pass. It’s nothing to make a joke about.

[quote=“Screaming Jesus”]If you could hear her side, imagining the worst for a moment, would you perhaps think I deserved to be fired and friendless? I hope not.[/quote]I could think of some women who would, and could also justify cutting small but important bits off you. How many of these woman haven’t also done the worse imaginable ? But that’s different, you’re a man, so obviously you’re in the wrong. :unamused:

Really, I have been there. Now I see the funny side when I relate the story to others, at the time I wasn’t a happy camper either.

SJ, she could be just messing with your head in a big way.

My comment was made half seriously. Another woman, a real relationship, that knows everything that happened, can see that woman off fast. Or they could gang up on you, that is if you believe what you see on T.V.

Seriously SJ, we wish you luck. But you never spared us when we shared problems openly so why should you be spared? What makes you deserving of better treatment than you give?

Did I really do that, Bassman? I don’t remember the occasion but…er, sorry. (Please o please don’t do anything bad to me.)

Tell us more. What sind would I… ermm she broadcast?

why do you even still talk to her… she is insnae ignore he at all costs, don’t try and make a friendship… its only a matter of time before she snaps again and the threats come