Help! What could have happened to my mail?

I download my mail off the net and onto Outlook Express. This morning I woke up to over a hundred messages (list mail) except that I can’t find them in any of my folders. What could have happened to them. I have a feeling this has been happening since yesterday…

You might have been hit by mydoom or any of his relatives.
Try a good virus scanner and than your mailbox might be clean again or you just use the search function by outlook.

Could it be this:“OLEXP: Outlook Express E-Mail Messages Are Missing from the Inbox Folder”?

Also check if OE is set to show all messages (214634)

And once you’re done with that, switch to The Bat! Or Thunderbird. Or anything except Virus Express.

Thanks, but according to my virus protection software, I’m clean. It’s not the way I’m viewing messages either. Thanks anyway. But if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. It’s got to be a virus though, no matter what the virus scanner says… right?

Try looking at this site.

Beyond that, I have no idea. No, it doesn’t have to be a virus. It could be all sorts of things.

Do you run McAffee VirusScan? Old versions of virusscan can eat your mailbox.

Some interesting stuff there! Thanks!