Help with International Driving Licence full-term validation

[b]Moderator’s note: a foreign-issued International Driving Licence/Permit is valid for 30 days in Taiwan. If within that time you get it validated at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, you can use it for its full term (usually one year from date of issue). Validation is an easy procedure and many DMV staff can speak some English. Help with validation is the service that this poster is offering. Any discussion, customer comments etc. should be posted in this thread;
[License services by Luke Lee (Taipei)

You can use your international driving license to drive in Taiwan for thirty days without applying for a ROC driving license. If you are staying for more than thirty days, you must apply for an international driving license permit for legal driving in Taiwan.

Driving permit is base on mutual beneficiary contract. I can help you get a Taiwan Drivin Permit. Please e-mail to me via e-mail: if you are interested. Thanks !

Please mention your Name. Nationality. current no.which country’s passport?which country’s international driving license? What time is convenient for you to meet ? then I will reply you (Every night 8:00-10:00 pm) whether your Nationality can get this or not.when. where to meet and what documents you must bring. (All documents are on your hands)

I am free every morning to accompany you to apply this driving permit. Due to the commute and application time, I will charge NT$1,800 per person/application if you arrive on time. An extra NT$200 will be added if you are 5-30 minutes late.The price will be lower NT$200 if I am 5-10 minutes late

I will:-

Provide a list of required documents
Provide forms
Oversee the application; progressing the process to completion.
*Free charge if can not get your driving Permit

Your can legal drive in Taiwan till the expiry date of your international driving license after application.

The benefits:

  1. You can be productive at work knowing that you are legal drive. It will save you a lot of headaches in the future.(NT$6,000 ticket. insurance…)

  2. You spend less than NT$5/day,( NT$1,800/365days=NT$4.93) you can save time to study a lots of materials. I can help you get driving permit immediately.

P.S. If you are busy, I can go to your office (Taipei) to collect these documents then send back these documents after application.( Plus transportation fee)[/b]