Help with laptop choice

Looking to buy a new laptop and the choices are really difficult because of the price differences here in Taiwan . I want to get something fancy-looking, with HDMI and plenty of ports. I have narrowed it down to the following:

Razer Blade 14 - 3070 Version --NT$ 58,990
Asus G14 --NT$54,900
MacBook Pro 14" --NT$ 60,200

All online reviews and forums lean towards the G14 but in Taiwan they are a lot more expensive than in the US and with current discounts on PCHome the Razer Blade 14 seems like a better choice than the G14.
On the other side of things the MBP14 has just got on the market in TW and is purchasable, it is not without its tradeoffs but would likely last longer than the other 2 options with even better battery life but no gaming on it obviously.

Any other decent choices out there?

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I don’t know much about laptops, but it might be cheaper to order from Amazon and ship it here. Just from a very quick search the G14 is about NT$47,000 including shipping and import fees.


I bought the Acer nitro 5 with the i5 processor. I use it mostly for audio capture. I put a finished project full of taxing plugins on it that was mixed on my desktop i9-9900k and it’s a real performer.

I bought the Acer because my last Acer that was to be replaced lasted 10 years. Bulletproof.

I found the Asus one for a similar us price on ruten

If you are looking to use it mostly for gaming, I’d recommend the Asus G14.

This one is last gen with an older Zen processor and entry-level graphics.

I have a desktop where I can game on a daily basis. Gaming on this would be mostly when I travel or take it out of home or office.

The fact that its cheaper to order from Amazon and ship to here is just amazing… Taiwanese brand but screws TW market.


This looks like a great desktop replacement which is not what I am looking for. I want something smaller and lighter than something like that. Not ultrabook level but I think the 14" category matches better what I want.

Ah sorry I missed that

Yes, for me I need the bigger screen and keyboard. Really not a disadvantage. It fits in the backpack Acer included with the laptop. Bought via pchome

this is a good site with a lot of laptops in Taiwan, a number of configurations available

i got this Taiwanese brand,

the reasons are

1: its actually rebranded in germany as a high end laptop worth a lot more, (think Clevo > alienware) it took a bit of work to find the german reviews and site.

2: it holds a 3070 RTX gpu that has a true TDP of 140watt

i cant state how important number 2 is, there are heaps of 3070s and 3080 GPUs in laptops that are only doing 95-115watts they dont have anywhere near the power they should, you will find this with the Razors for example.

i ended up buying it on shoppee or momo…its really light for a power machine and has a high res screen etc…

here is a Chinese review with benchmarks on the CJScope

one caveat is that on the first boot i had to mess around a bit to get the English language downloaded on the OS, after that i found it handles a lot of 4K gaming with titles like “control” etc…

and yes the fans will spin up if you want 4k gaming, although you can adjust them and even under/over clock the GPU in a utility to suit your needs.

i found many manufactures dont state the TDP on the GPU… if they dont write 140watts for 3070 and 150wattts for 3080 you can bet the machine is nerfed.


This looks interesting, thank you for the links, I will dive into the reviews.



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