Help with mask label in Chinese

Hello. Does anyone know whether the following photo states what level the masks are? I can see the third line says non-medical one-time use masks. Does it then say ‘level 3’? Or ‘three layers’? Later on there is a line that says 02, but I think the whole line reads ‘inspector: 02’. Apparently in English there should be some indication of what ‘level’ the masks are, with level 2 being the minimum.

GB/T 32610-2016 without a grade

It is 3 layers
I read there may be grades A, B, C, D. But the label doesn’t say.

  1. GB/T 32610-2016《日常防护型口罩》标准中只有A级和B级可以有效防护新冠病毒,如果您购买的口罩只标明GB/T 32610-2016,没写ABCD,也没有其他标准同时存在的话,那是无法保证防护病毒能力的。

Thank you!