Help with Romanizing Taiwanese for SONG Purposes

I’m doing OK in the Chinese department when it comes to romanization and fonts for following songs at family sing a longs. But Taiwanese is difficult. I can’t seem to find a good sources of Romanized fonts and the sources of songs or web pages I fid show two or three different romanization systems.
I’m in the middle of no where. My family are Taiwanese and can just use the Chinese. I’m a bit slow and need romanized cue cards…
If there is no universal system, I think I will just post the Taiwanese Classics I’m interesting in learning here and you can help teach me how to at least be able to hear it.
Here are some starters

Here’s another classic I would like to follow on the transliteration

If I am understanding correctly, you would like to l have thenlytics of these songs in lô-má-jī?

I’m good at that.

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My favorite 台語 song, but I cannot find the romanized lyrics for it.

Well, yes. Any system that bears some resemblance to English or is easy to understand. Currently I use ㄅㄆㄇ for Chinese.
Plus, honestly I have dyslexia where I hear the wrong sounds or opposite sounds like your students may do, so it’s honestly better for me to work out these problems privately unti it clicks rather than frustrating those around me with repetitive questions. Song are great for this.

你是我的兄弟 lí sī guá ê hiann tī

流浪到淡水 Liû-lōng kàu Tām-tsuí


4 Likes龍千玉-袁小迪-男人情女人心-中字-拼音版-karaoke-lyrics/791097261_2609069/arrangement

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The site @tando provided has very accurate Tâi-uân lô-má-jī as well as the correct Taigi Hanji characters.

There are two main romanization schemes that are only different in minor ways. One is Pe̍h-ōe-jī, also known as Church Romanization, Kàu-hōe Lô-má-jī, or Kàu-lô for short. The other one is Tâi-uân lô-má-jī, Tâi-lô for short, also known as MOE Romanization, or Kàu-io̍k-pōo lô-má-jī.

The main difference between the two are just these:

ch ts t͡s
chh tsh t͡sʰ
nn ◌̃
oo ɔ
oe ue ue
oa ua ua
ek ik ik
eng ing

Once you know one, you can got the other system by just looking at this table once or twice.

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By the way, if you want to learn POJ, these 3 videos are amazing short introductions.

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she is a really popular song in my household when we go to the kids’ grandfather’s house
this song shifts between Chinese and Taiwanese I really would love to get a romanization of this.

you can just search the song name on 歌詞正字. If they don’t have the song yet, you can request them to romanize it here 建議歌曲.

Like @tando said, that site has most of the old songs covered. A song as popular as 向前走 definitely has been submitted.