Help with work permit application

Greencelot, please do a brief search on the subject of work pemits. I know you really want one, but desperation is a bad ally and terrible counsel.

Once I did go to the authorities with the paperwork thinking I could process the work permit. I was with our comapny’s secretary, who also had no idea how to do it. To say that we were scolded and chewed out would be an understatement. They made it clear we were on the wrong track.

  1. The company is the one in charge of dealing with the paperwork regarding your work permit because the work permit is theirs. The work permit gives validity to your ARC, when they fire you they cancel the work visa and your ARC is valid no more, no matter what is written on it. They have the power, not you.

  2. Your part si to provide the documents that say that you are legally capable to perform the job. That means you have relevant studies, experience, etc. and the paperwork that backs that up. You hand that to HR and that you have fulfilled your part.

  3. Their part first of all is to be legally able to hire you. They nee dto meet certain government requirements depending on their business. For example, being on teh clear regarding their tax payments. After that, it si a matter of simply filling out forms, easy peachy. But if they are cooking the books or avoiding taxes, they are likely not to apply legally to have a foreigner working on the premises.

Please do not work illegally. You are doing a favor to tax evasion artisst and it benefits no one, especially you. You may think that it is an advantage not to pay taxes. It is not. A lot of long term benefits go over you because of this.

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