Is there a program that will allow me to view chinese text without using the original Windows XP cd? I’d like to download asap.

I don’t think you need the original Windows XP CD to do that. :wink:

Anyway, try to install some Chinese fonts - google “free chinese fonts”, you’ll find a lot.

A few years ago when I needed Chinese(traditional) fonts I just DL’d them from with no trouble. I have referred others there for this and no one has mentioned any troubles.

Should be a snap!

AFAIK fonts alone will not do the job. If you don’t have the language support installed it won’t make any difference (unless it’s in Unicode format, in which case you’re sweet, because IIRC XP comes with full Unicode support).

Try NJStar Communicator or CJK Viewer. I used them for ages under 98se, ME, and 2K and they worked like a charm.

Alternatively, Google for Microsoft’s Traditional Chinese Language Pack - that way you’ll be able to install full Trad. Chinese language support, and I don’t think you need the CD.