Helpful at NTU & CCU re class time requests?

Is anyone able to comment on whether the administrators willing to listen to requests for particular time slots at NTU’s CLC and CCU’s MLC?

I’m coming to Taipei to study in a few months for one term, and I have to arrange childcare for when I’m in class so I really hope they will help me out for that reason. I think 10-12 would be best but I imagine everyone wants that time. Does anyone know if you have to take what you are given, or if the schools will be prepared to listen to requests for a particular time slot? I’m probably at upper intermediate level.

Which of the two centres is likely to be more helpful?

Also (off topic) if anyone has any advice on arranging 2-3 hours a day childcare for an 8 year old English speaking child, I will be posting a question in the parenting forum next…


I don’t know if this is what you look for :

  1. 08:10~10:00
    (2) 10:20~12:10
    (3) 13:20~15:10
    (4) 15:30~17:20 2Hours ,Mon~Fri.
    It said you take what you are given,But I think you can tell them what’s the situation you are in.
    They may offer you a help.
    TEL: 886-2-33663417
    FAX: 886-2-83695042