Hemorrhoids & anal skin tags... What to do?

I used to have frequent hemorrhoids 4-5 years ago and it left skin tags on the rim of my butt. Those skin tags are mostly benign, I said mostly, because every time I shit, they will slightly swell up for a few hours.

I’ve heard of skin tag removals, either by cutting, freezing, or laser done by doctors but I’m not so sure how or where to go.

What kind of doctor should I go to for this kind of issue? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Any kind of help would be great, thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention I live in Taichung.

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Skin doctor. If it needs more than that, they’ll refer you to a surgeon.

A proctologist. But be warned, for some odd reason they are the worst specialists in Taiwan for English communication. Make sure your butt Chinese is up to scratch.


I’d probably visit a colorectal surgeon first rather than a dermatologist, personally. Though I can see that skin tags could probably fall under the remit of both fields, I get the impression that many of the dermatologists in Taiwan are more about selling face creams and treating acne etc. - unless I had a particular recommendation, I’m not sure they’d be the first group of people I’d let near my anus with a scalpel.

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I’ve had skin tags removed from the skin clinics that can be found all over the place: easy and fast. Whatever that freezing process is. But taking off my shirt is really really different from what you’re dealing with!

Kind of imagining bad situations… “Ok I don’t really understand you, but show me OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU WAVING YOUR BUTT IN MY FACE?!”

(Seriously, good luck resolving this.)

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There’s a colorectal surgeon called Chen Yu Nung at Cathay General Hospital in Taipei who’s friendly and speaks pretty decent English. He would be my go-to guy for ass stuff. :partying_face:

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Always reminds of the assman episode of Seinfeld.

Yeah, that’s exactly the situation I was imagining too. :sweat_smile:

Dermatologists also seem to have more brightly lit offices than other doctors. All that fluorescent light would be…unflattering.

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Quack in the hospital will put a metal ring around them. One at a time. A couple of weeks later they fall off… never seen them lying around tho.
Once a month get this procedure done. Insurance card will pay for 6 months each year.

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Seriously funny.

My friend took me into a random clinic for a tag on my arm and it was gone in 5 minutes after I had since teenage.

I don’t even know what they did, maybe freeze or something, not cutting, but I was totally shocked because I was scared to even touch it thinking it might be or cause cancer to do anything with it.

Is this current technology and treatment?

Cryotherapy. Safe & effective treatment, but you may need antibiotic ointment to prevent or treat a skin infection.


A doc can cut them off or more likely freeze them off.
Hemorroids may require surgery. Ask me how I know. Ugh.

No one’s suggested starting an OnlyFans yet?


A question for OP (that I know I’m going to regret asking)…

Why remove them? It’s not like a mole on your face, who’s going to notice?

Are they causing issues with bum wiping?

They have special equipment/tooling to remove them, almost painless afterwards.

Lord a mighty I wish that was so when I had my surgery

No pain during but hell to pay for two weeks each time you took a crap you ripped a new asshole

I would not have wished that pain on my worst enemy

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Graphic content warning…