Herbal Medicine for ADD?

Hello. Does anybody know of or have any experience with traditional herbal medicine for attention deficit disorder? Would a traditional Chinese doctor actually prescribe something for this? I would appreciate any info anybody has. Thanks!

No. Add is a serious condition. Try meditation, exercise and Ritalin


For sure a TCM doctor will prescribe, they’ll prescribe for absolutely anything. ADD equals excessive expression of kidney yang.

Doubt it’ll help much. Acupuncture might be worth looking into.

No harm in asking. Whether it’ll help or not is a different issue.

Have you tried modifying your diet? I know a couple of parents with ADD kids who control it pretty well just with dietary changes.

I’ve never found anything to actually help beside amphetamines like Ritalin and other kinds of it.

But it comes with so many side effects like I can’t eat at all for a day and would lose massive amounts of weight. Can’t sleep. A weird one is it makes my libido jump to a point of huge distraction, seems common for this kind of stimulants.

As an adult with ADD, I’ve just learned to manage it. Take breaks, take notes, etc. I never took it seriously, I wasn’t really sure I had it when I was young. All the symptoms were there and I eventually got diagnosed in college. Mostly to get medicine for it to Study. I just thought maybe what I had was normal for a young boy and a teenager.

But it turns out, it’s very real. I’m taking 4 hours of intensive Italian a day. I really struggle to pay attention. I try so hard. But my mind just drifts so much. One word can just trigger me to think about something connected to it and I’m gone for a few min before I can come back. I try so hard to focus, and it’s really difficult.

I know one thing that’s “herbal” that actually did help me focus in the past though. Actually weed would help me. For example I become an excellent golfer on it with focus. A lot people like dart and pool players would say the same. And I’ve taken exams on it where I actually score better than not smoking weed. Although I don’t smoke anymore due to the legality of it. Sadly.


Sounds like these new CBD oils and edibles could be good for you. Just need to live somewhere that it’s legal.

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I’m not 100% sold on CBD, although it’s certainly worth a shot. Have you tried it with success yourself?

I’ve yet to get my hands on it…

I am a licensed TCM doctor, a.k.a. acupuncturist in Taipei.
My colleague and I have treated some ADHD patients with herbal medicine and/or acupuncture.

Here’s an article on ADHD from TCM’s point of view.

This systemic review shows that there is not strong evidence to say that TOHM is effective in treating the core symptoms of ADHD.

This systemic review says: no concrete recommendations for use can be made so far

This review article tells what I want to say: For Western society, although we still know very little about the cultural and racial differences in the response and tolerance to the TCM therapies, some of the most important TCM practicing principles, such as holism and individualized medicine, should also be valuable for modern psychiatric practice in managing and treating ADHD.

In our clinical experience, some patients do get better with the treatment of herbal medicine. I would give the credit to the herbal medicine successfully balance the patient’s body constitution. TCM theory tells us that physical condition and mental condition can influence each other. By balancing the physical body can we balance the mental condition. That’s the basic idea of how we prescribe herbal medicine.

In my opinion, ADHD bothers the parents more than the patients. If the patients can found what they truly love to do, maybe some sports or other works, it is not necessarily a troublesome disorder.

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I don’t know. But anything is better than getting hooked on Adderall.

-sincerely, someone who has ADD and was once hooked on Adderall.

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It’s a terrible drug. But it works. It really works.

In many ways the cure is worse than the condition it’s curing.

I remember how wonderful it was the first time. It really got me focused. But the side effects are too much.

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Some manage to stay on it without abusing it. But many like me develop an abusive pattern with it since it’s so habit forming. I’d become manic. When I was doing my Masters, I once didn’t sleep or eat for three days. It made me a recluse because I was so ashamed of my manic behavior and partly due to drug-induced paranoia. It did help me get my Masters, I suppose… but after I graduated I swore to quit and I did. And I definitely wasn’t going to try and bring it to Taiwan. I still have ADD, but Red Bull and coffee and discipline helps me get through my day by day. Sure, those just keep you awake and a little focused rather than super productive. But it’s enough and I feel human.


Yeah. I went on basically drug benders with it in college. Up for like 2 days straight smoking cigarettes by the pack on it. Pass out for like 15 hours after. It is addictive. Hell, I’ve even gone out drinking on it. Made me a mad man and I could down shots while chasing girls. It made me super sexual, like I really wanted to have sex and a lot of it when I took it.

Also I couldn’t eat on it. I would basically make smoothies and protein shake while I take it. I just couldn’t eat at all. I lost a lot of weight on it.

And they give this to children…my best friend from college is really small since they gave him the drug as a kid. A lot of kids underdeveloped because of it.

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Would you recommend red ginseng? Do you have herbal medicine with this in it?

Would you recommend red ginseng?

Dextroamphetamine is better.

I’m sure there are good herbal medicines for ADD…

unfortunately due to the war on drugs, they are illegal.

No refined sugar!