Here is a New Job in Changhua County if You Are Interested (60000+, no weekends, less than 25 hours/week)

I know of a prospective job opportunity that will be opening. Please message me if you are interested. It is a job on Changhua County. It is 20 minutes from Changhua City and 39 minutes from Taichung driving.

I was super excited to take the job, because I thought the small City would be neat. But I ended up really missing the large city and became unhappy because of not knowing Mandarin yet, and feeling isolated because of it and not have a scooter to travel.

It pays 60000+ and less than 25 hours a week am no weekends.
I wanted to find a good replacement because my boss is a really good person. If you are interested, it is salary based, short term to long term. And your co-workers and boss are honestly good people and some of the nicest people in the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

Message me if you are interested.


Can you give us some idea of type of job?

Working in a small English language school with some of the nicest people

Hi. I am in.Taipei on a 3 month visa. I am looking for an income and I’ve been teaching one year in Sweden. I want to know a bit more about the position. Email me at if it’s still available.