Here's a confusing one

Hi guys, I’ve a question for you which relates to citizenship. I’ve always considered getting a taiwanese passport, mainly I suppose for sentimental reasons. I was born in Taipei and adopted and left Taiwan for Northern Ireland at the age of 13 months. Obviously, I had to be issued a passport go get me out of the country, with my birth name on it, but the document was never renewed. I still have it somewhere at home.

Northern Ireland, as some of you might know is a disputed territory and people living there are entitled to take a British or Irish passport, or both if they choose to do so. At the moment I just have the Irish one, the UK one has lapsed and i’ve no major travel plans that would make it worth while for me to renew it. So you might say, why the heck would you want a third.

I’m studying in the Dublin (republic of Ireland) and droped into the representation office there. The lady I spoke to didn’t know as to whether I’d still be entitled to one, anyone have any thoughts on this? The cost is just €27 (the price of a night socialising in the city centre) and I thought it might be nice to get one for sentimental value and just as a little reminder of where I came from. I grew up in a rural area before the days of the Irish economic boom so even the sight of a nonwhite person in my town was a bit rare. Needless to say I don’t speak any chinese either. It was just a thought I had and not something I am going to pursue with any great vigour.

Anyone else out there got any words of advice or experience?

Thanks in advance.


Hmm shouldn’t be too hard if you can find you’re old one. And since you aren’t going to use it for travel I don’t see any reason you shouldn’t try to get one.