Herewena the wild dog

A newspaper clipping from my home town in NZ…

You should go up to Tiger Head mountain in Taoyuan. You’ll see the strays leading pups around. They’re breeding. I bet some are second generation strays/ dingos who’ve never known a home at all.

Nice story truant, thanks for sharing! Slightly off-topic: I’m curious about the use of the word “block” in the article, what exactly is this “block” referring to? Thanks, Xpet.

yeah it puts a slight different perspective on ‘strays’ as we know them here in taiwan.
The term ‘Block’ refers to an undefined quantity of land. As in a ‘block of land’. HTH

nz is the dream land of my family, but we had to give up moving there because no u.s. dog is allowed to move to n.z. i will not go anywhere without my dogs. so my family can only go campervan in nz on vacations.

really? We will be faced with 30 days quarantine for our dog when we return - are you sure that the same doesn’t apply to US dogs?

EDIT: I have backed up my suspicions with a link … ic.spe.htm
You’ll see the US is included as an eligible country, but the 30 day quarantine would most likely apply. The only exception is if the dog is a ‘fighting’ breed (i.e. American Pitt-Bull or similar).

What a sweet story, truant! Thanks for posting it!

this is a great piece of news.
we were told that nz doesn’t allow any dog to move there, by the head guy of nz office right here in taipei!
so he didn’t know what he was talking about, then. he said only dogs from u.k. are allowed to move to n.z.!
our two older dogs went to heaven a few months ago after being with us for 16 years. our two young dogs have still many years left in them. i will tell my family about this 30 days thing, may be we will restart thinking of n.z. i want to go somewhere the land is good and affordable, but my family just love everything in n.z. what about the o-zone hole that is on top of n.z. for 4 months a year, do people worry about that? i reand that some sheep get skin cancer, poor dears.

Going OT, but you’re about 3 years too late to get cheap land thanks to 9/11 and Lord of the Rings.

surely some land is still for sell