HEY! Where are my posts

On Tuesday I was a comrade with over 400 posts and then today I find myself back to being a Triad Member. As nice as it is being a Triad Member, I think something fishy is going on here… Jeff, do you happen to know anything about this?

Where are the missing posts?
Why am I, with this post, about to become a Comrade for the second time?
Is this some strange initiation rite?
Or is this something to do with Judge Meltys’ too annoying to ignore thread?
:imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Boss, I am not sure, but my number of posts also went down a few, but I think that was because I posted some things in wrong forums, went back and deleted them and then reposted them in the correct forums. I noticed that my post count went up instead of staying the same. Ttoday it is back where it should have been, I think it’s a software thing. Or maybe someone deleted some of your posts… I don’t know, wasn’t me, don’t flame me!

Ok, I believe you.

It’s not that important, not like I’m gonna jump off a bridge or anything…

So, that’s what you guys wanted me to do!

Processing complaint, please wait…

Okay seriously, I am checking for you…


I think some of your posts may have been deleted from the pornstar thread in the open forum. Some of mine were too as all of the posts that contained a certain word whether it was a quote or not were deleted.