You must ensure you have a marriage-based ARC and JFRV. If so, by law, there are no restrictions on where you can work. See Employment Services Act Article 48.

my problem right now is not my paper work i just dont know where to find employment all the adds i see in the news paper requires me too have an university degree so i a little lost …

Since you have some time on your hands, why not use it to learn to spell, punctuate and use capital letters in all the right places.

You need a job that doesn’t require too much Chinese, if at.

A few possibilities I can think of:
Companies that do business with African countries
English teacher
Entertainment business: singing, playing, modeling, etc.
Waiter in foreign restaurants or bars

Jobs that won’t work are: regular clerical jobs, office jobs, etc…they can hire locals with better skills.

Jobs anyone can do: janitors, drivers, etc. (they pay good money)

Sorry to say but there would be racism issue, you will just have to knock on many doors, getting many nos, then you will get a few yes. Hopefully go with something that you have more chance on like aboved.