High rise building collapses in Florida

Hope everyone’s OK!


Hope it’s not due to the quakes from the navy tests

Wow it looks bad…

Wow, that’s like 2/3 of the building according to this side by side

Thats not insanely suspicious as all hell…at best a contractor has changed his name and living somewhere more tropical by now.

Holy Fuu…

Apparently happened around 130am too.
Lots of people most likely in there . Jesus.

Casualties expected up in the ( numbers changing as sources updated)…so far only a kid alive…and one body pulled out of the rubble.

More people out

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Bloody hell!


Dear fucking lord…1000+? That is insanely horrible!

I am more conviced than ever my simple old house that is 1 story is a far safer bet.

1F homes forever. That shit terrifies me!

Of course saving anyone trapped and suffering is priority number 1, but do they know why it collapsed by chance? Has the contractor actually left the country already?

Ground looks depressed. Maybe a sinkhole?


Yeah seems fairly common down there.

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Initial numbers from Miami Dade authorities were scary. Lists of missing coming in have reduced the initial expectations - thank goodness. But loss of life still depends on how many were really inside, not determined yet.

Scarier though that the building had tremors and there was some kind of warning.

Latest 35 rescued.

Looks as if it had been hit by a missile…so far most thrown around theory is it was a sinkhole. 13 floors…just gone.

Double checking, the Navy test earthquake registered a 3.9M in Ponce Inlet, Florida, but still too far away from Miami (about 260 miles). It’s more likely due to a sinkhole.

(On a side note, this is one of my worries about China using a similar tactic to trigger/accelerate an earthquake in Taiwan which would require China to “come to the rescue”.)

If avoiding nukes, such a powerful detonation wouldn’t be possible

Ignorant opion based on photo says that if sinkhole is the reason, its not nearly severe enough to cause this kind of collapse. Almost surely shitty construction or perhaps years of people saying “dont think too much” at the warning signs.

Reminds me a bit of the tainan buildings that fell due to shitty building practices.

Budings that size dont implode from a dent under them, its very strange. Serves as a lesson to anyone living in such buildings, dont call people pointing out problems jaded, or dismiss them as negative. Often times people pointing ot problems are justified. Take note and make inquiries. Your life isnt worth it. And most buildings built by small and medium sized buy and sell companies are built as cheap as possible. Not worth ignoring reality. I really do hope everyone is ok. But ya, that looks unlikely :frowning: very sad! And looks preventable.

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That is crazy.

I heard this story and thought it was just a balcony collapse. wooooow

That building fell because of an earthquake. And it didn’t collapse like this one did.

The fatality of this one looks like it will be really really bad.

That’s what I thought too, but actually it’s very easy it turns out, don’t need anything advanced either.

China could simply drill for oil, frack, move underwater sand around over a decade (like in Shawshank Redemption), etc enough to displace landmass and trigger a massive quake along an existing fault.

They may even be doing it unintentionally already by amassing so much concrete across China’s tectonic plate:

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The similarity (if caused by that ground depression) is that the ground underneath isnt suitable and the construction of the buildings are complete trash. Just drawing parallels between shitty corrupt construction which is a pretty common problem worldwide.