Hike: Mar 26 - from Muzha MRT 10am

Busy most of the weekend with other things, but Sunday morning might do a couple hour hike. Supposed to meet AWOL. He hasn’t said is he is coming along, but if anyone wants to we can meet at Muzha MRT station around 10am.

If it’s a rainy day we can do the steps up to Zhinan Temple then down and up across the valley. I’ve done this on really rainy days cause the route is good which means a lot of it is covered with trees and you don’t kill yourself on slippery steps and rocks. If the weather is good we can maybe do something longer. It will depend. Two hours, four, doesn’t matter to me. I need to get work done later in the day so it can’t be too long, but fortunately, I live close by.

Anyway, if people want to do a short but vigorous hike on Sunday please post. Don’t just show up.

I’m definitely interested. I’ll just confirm with her indoors (I’ll let you know either way).

i’m interested if it’s not a downpour.

I don’t care if it rains, cos I’m tough.

Check yr PM… confirmed there! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Muzha Man”]
Anyway, if people want to do a short but vigorous hike on Sunday please post. Don’t just show up.[/quote]

I wish I could go this Sunday, but something comes up.
If I were not busy and its not a downpour, I would be happy to join you. Next time, I will remember to bring more water. :slight_smile:

Okay, so 10am is confirmed. Muzha MRT Station.

We will go somewhere in the Muzha mountains depending on the weather.

OK. I can confirm I will be there, rain or shine.
(Mucha Man, if you need to cancel, please send me a text message, as I won’t check here. Thanks.)

Will you be going up WanShou Road toward Zhinan Temple?

I am thinking about joining. If it is pouring down, I might not come though. Is there a way to know at about 9am what the weather is like in Muzha?

PM me yr mobile and I’ll let you know.

ok…weather has been rainy all night and it is currently wet and foggy. drizzling rain. not too bad but a grey and wet.

So how was the hike, guys? How many turned up, and how far did you go?

I saw Irishstu after his hike on Sunday. He was talking to his eggs benedict.

4 people (Mucha_Man, irishstu, ratlung and me). We hiked up to Zhinan Temple and then around the Maokong teahouse area.

We were lucky - there was little rain during the hike.

Yeah, a nice walk. About 4 hours I guess in total and then herbal tea drinks and snacks at a teahouse.