Hiking becoming dangerous in KHH--hiker hit by stray bullet

Well, what else is there to say ?

That human being is lucky “only” his foot got hit. Just unbelievable

Every time I hiked ‘monkey mountain’ near the fence where it indicated army territory , I used to wonder if it was possible to get hit by a stray bullet. Guess it can

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All I can say is don’t hike near military bases?

This point has always pissed me off here. And especially the hunters. Literally ZERO sense of gun safety. Amazed its never talked about.

Sooooo terrible. Even hunters firing from trucks and scooters up into trees at night. Astonishing lack of common sense.

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Taiwan doesn’t have a gun culture and drill sergeants aren’t drilling gun safety either.

The stuff I seen people do with guns on duty ought to result in some court martial. You don’t point a loaded gun at someone for fun.

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In the US this is considered no big deal

Yeah, in the USA they shoot you both intentionally and unintentionally and it’s much more normal thanks to their “gun culture”.

One word, Duck Cheney.

You mean dick.

What’s the difference between Dick and Duck?

If you don’t know it, you better cover your ass…

When I was in a group of trainees im California firing an M60 machine gun for the first time one of them walked a line of fire up a sand dune and a few rounds went iver the top into the Pacific Ocean.

To be fair, i have had had better experiences with gun events in the USA and all were run fairly efficiently. And in canada even moreso. Hunting is licensed, ranges defined and vests are worn. As a base. Even then accidents happen. I am pro gun and happy taiwan bans them most of the time haha.

Wheres that video of a little girl killing the firing. range guy with an uzi?