Hiking down the mountain from CCU

I am thinking about grad school at CCU (Chinese Cultural University). CCU appears to be quite close to Taipei, but Google Maps tells me that the nearest MRT station is over an hour away by bus :noway:

I hate long bus rides, but I enjoy hiking and biking. My plan is to hike through the mountains, and then bike to Shipai station.

I don’t actaully know what shape the red “hike throught the mountains” path will be.


  1. How long does it take to hike down the mountain from CCU (to somewhere near point A or Zhongshan Beilu)?
  2. How long does it take to hike up the mountain to get back?
  3. How long does it take to bike the rest of the way to Shipai station?

If you walk slowly it takes about 1 and a half hour down, 2 hours up to/from the end of Zhongshan Rd. From there, it’s about 10 minutes by bike to Shipai.

Don’t think you want to do this every day, unless you are a fitness freak.

Watch out for the monkeys…

CCU is way up on a mountain, far from the main parts of the city of Taipei. Unless you live in the area around the university, you will be faced with long commutes. If you walk or bike up (doable if you’re fit and into fitness), you’ll likely be drenched with sweat when you arrive at class.

Great views up there, interesting neighborhoods, and close to Yangmingshan park.

The bus up there is really cheap… only one ticket from most nearby MRT stations (260/260 local from Jiantan MRT, Small 15 from Jiantan. Red 13, etc.) and the distance especially uphill is long. It will be easier going down than up. Be aware that roads on Yangming shan is very crowded and people do not exercise proper cautions when driving around mountains, so you will do well to take the bus.

260 local and Red 5 runs more or less every 5 minutes from Jiantan MRT station.