Hiking equipment with reasonable prices

Hello everyone!

Can anyone recommend me a hiking equipment store with reasonable prices, please?

I’d like to buy a new backpack, tent, sleeping bag, etc. There is one store I found named Decathlon with more or less affordable prices.

As for others, the prices seem to be too exaggerated. Backpacks for 30L starting from 6K to 10K and backpacks for 50L starting from 8K to 20K. Pretty much the same prices for tents. This is crazy…

I hate to recommend it but… Decathlon.


Lol, I mentioned it in my post😅

I know, I saw it. I find most prices abusive, and sports gear is not an exception. Forget about paying 300 Euros for a backpack. No need.

You get what you pay for. Nobody’s gouging making money hand over fist on a backpack. My Osprey pack will last forever and well worth the price.

I don’t need to use a backpack forever :sweat_smile: I’d rather change it every few years, but for reasonable price

I don’t know too much about hiking stuff, but I also suspect it’s one of those things that falls into the category of “What? How much? :astonished:” in Taiwan. Especially for imported/International brands.

So another vote from me for Decathlon. Maybe check on Shopee too.


Near Taipei Main on Zhongshan (west side of street) just north of Zhongxiao, there are several outdoor equipment stores that have been there for ages. More professional than Decathlon for sure. Look for items that are marked down.


I bought a backpack in decathalon for 1000ntd and hiked upYushan with-it…Not a problem.


I’ve been to a lot of stores and picked up my basics like tent, mats, bags, lights, at Decathalon. Then drop into other stores for things more unique.

Most stores prices seem somewhat unreasonable to me.


Had it broken by the time you got to the top, or are you still up there? :thinking:

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Nope it’s a great backpack nothing wrong with it at all!

If you don’t find Decathlon affordable then you’re pretty much SOOL. Costco will occasionally have a few hiking related items.

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By saying the prices are more or less affordable I mean that there are some things that cost same price as in many other expensive stores. But the majority of the things in Decathlon have reasonable prices.

I’m just trying to find a bit of a variety, cuz sometimes I don’t really like the colours Decathlon uses for the stuff they sell… :man_shrugging:

Too picky :sweat_smile:

You can also rent backpack , tent , sleeping bags and many hiking equipment

check this store in Taipei city “戶外家OutdoorGearCamp” that rents many outdoor equipment

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Yep I looked at renting and realised I may as well just buy most of it from Decathlon.

If you want to buy branded stuff pay more. A LOT more. Taiwanese love brands they will pay massive amounts for trendy brands such as Snow Peak . One thing that irritates me a lot about hikers and campers here…

There’s a few hiking stores that have small sale. There’s the metro oasis outdoor chain , that one is pretty reasonable . Search online for outlets.

You can also buy some stuff on taobao …Maybe.

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I discovered this chain a few weeks ago and must say the prices are acceptable. They are a bit higher than Decathlon, but at the same time the quality is better. What I like most about this chain is that they often have good discounts and provide coupons to buy their stuff (in case you have a membership).

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Very helpful! Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess you are talking about the one for 999ntd grey and blue color with orange strips, right? :smirk: I bought that one, but haven’t go hiking with it yet

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I know there is a Metro Oasis branch store there, around 15 mins away from the main station, but I haven’t seen any others. I’ll double-check then! Thank you for your recommendation :slightly_smiling_face:

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