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Thought I organize the Travel in Taiwan forum a bit to make it easier to find info about traveling in Taiwan.

In this thread you’ll find links to threads in this forum about Hiking in Taiwan. Please check out these threads and/or use the search function, before you decide to make a new thread. Not all of the below threads have valuable info (didn’t check them all in detail) but the list gives you an idea about which threads have been active in the last three years or so. If there are older threads with valuable info you think should be listed here, let me know and I will update this post. Will also update this post whenever new related threads are created.
(The further up the links are in each segment the newer (time of last post) they are. The titles of the threads are the original ones, not created by me.)

[General Info]
Hiking advice
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Best Hikes of 2013
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Drinking High Mountain Water
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handheld hiking GPS
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Setting up camps in the mountains?
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Hikers: Question on quicksand in Taiwan
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Scrambling/Hiking in Taiwan’s high mountains (from Hong Kong!)
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Hiking in Taiwan - the 523 Mountaineering Association
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Looking to join multi-day hiking tours
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Hikes with Views
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How much to cover up when hiking?
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Hiking in Taiwan with 523 - 523 Mountaineering Association
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River tracing
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Advice for two big hikes in March
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Camping/Hiking pictures and trip reports 2011
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The Hiking Thread 2009
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Hiking Books / Info Request
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[Taipei/Northern Taiwan]
Hiking the Fu-Ba Trail
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Yangming Shan
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Mountain biking the Tonghou trail
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Is the trail to Yunei (宇內) still accessible?
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Any good hikes in the JinShan/Keelung (Jilong) area?
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Anyone Know the Xiao Wulai Old Trail?
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scenic spots or hiking in Taoyuan/Hsinchu area
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A Plan In The Works: Sanxia, Wulai, Fushan, Baling
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Tai’an hot spring and hiking
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[Snow Mountain]
Climbing Xueshan (Snow Mountain) in Winter
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Taichung Hiking… Tired of Dakeng? I got something 4 U!
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Hehuan-Cilai-Nenggao hike. Getting to trailhead
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2013/2/28(Thur.) ~3/3 (Sun.) Cross the Central Mountain: Neng Gao Historic Trail(能高越嶺)
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trail closures in Taroko Gorge and elsewhere
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Never been to ZhuiLu Trail? google did it for you…
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Hualian and Taroko Gorge Hiking/River Tracing Info
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Zhuilu old road current trailhead?
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Hiking and River Tracing in Hualian and Taroko Gorge Areas
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Recent Info on some Taroko Trails? (Sep 2011)
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Jade Mountain fast-track pass
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Yushan hike
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Climbing Yushan (Jade Mountain). Is it worth the beaurocracy?
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Climbing Mount Jade to cost foreigners NT$700, but locals just NT$220
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Five Days on the Batongguan Trail
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New! Bus to Tatajia at start of Yushan trail
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Insurance for Yushan
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[Southern Taiwan]
Suggestions for a 2-day hike near Kaohsiung
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Bei Da Wu Hiking Report
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Southern Taiwan - Afternoon Hikes/Mini Bushwalks
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TaoYuanGu hiking
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South Cross Highway and Jiaming Lake hike
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 55&t=77161


Some of these links go to a blank page :confused:

Are those threads gone forever?


This is a peak in Ruifang, about 40 minutes by road from Keelung (Jilong):

I also have an introductory video to Wufenshan, which lies on the boundary of Ruifang, Pingxi and Keelung on the same YT channel and about five more in Mandarin only. Hope this helps…

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I tried 3, 0 went anywhere

The threads probably still exist. I googled this one

and found it here:


Might do this on Saturday. I’ve yet to go to Teapot Mtn. My plan would be a loop starting at the Teapot trailhead, around to Banpingshan and back. Or just an out-and-back to make it shorter.

If you start at Teapot Mtn and loop back all the way by road after Banping it’s a full half day hike, but if just hike from the trailhead in the video and then back, it’s only about an hour and a half (or more if you take a break somewhere). There’s a steep bit with ropes (only short, and the ropes are good but you may find it a bit of a challenge the first time) between Teapot and Banping; if you do it from the trailhead in the video, you can always decide whether you want to go on to Teapot or not. Also, Teapot Mountain’s summit is a bit of a challenge itself if you want to go on to Banping, you have to climb thru like in a cave. Guess it all depends on how much you like challeges!

Ah, thanks for the pointer. Yeah after looking again, starting where you did seems better, because also if you park at the Teapot side of things, it’s a long walk to the trailhead from the lot. So I’ll just do that and come back the same way.

So is this actually Banpingshan?
I don’t see anything labeled as Banping except for the trail itself

I also thought I might hike along the ridgeline and then come down at the peak above, to continue on to Teapot. Not sure how that route is tho

The photo on the right on the Google Maps link looks like the north side approach to Banpingshan, which is a bit infamous as some people get stuck on it and need to be rescued. If you hike from the trailhead in my video then continue after the summit, about 100 metres or more later you’ll see that steep section I mentioned on the left and the trail to Teapot Mountain. After that short steep section, it’s fairly easy all the way Teapot.

I think I must have not found the same trailhead you used, because I don’t see the parking spots that you mention in the video.
I thought you were here:

But seems like not.

Yeah we’re definitely not in the same spot :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The pic is correct; that’s the beginnng of the trail, by the ‘unnamd road’. From here it’s only 30 or 40 mins to the summit. If you came from Highway 102 you should have seen the parking spots but if you came from the opposite direction you wouldn’t.

There’s also this video by Tony Huang in Chinese, the only difference is that the road is now covered so it may not look the same.

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Pretty sure you’re both somewhere different than what I’m looking at haha.

The signs are completely different.

I think you’re south somewhere, and I really can’t figure out where, but this spot works too :upside_down_face:

Oh nm, they just changed the signs it seems.

Yeh, maybe they just changed the signs. This is what the start of the trail looks like if you’re standing by the sign. Teapot Mountain would be just off to the left: