I would like to get out in to the mountains at the weekends and go for long walks. This seems a little complicated (and lonely) with permits/transport etc. to do alone. Does anyone know of any groups who do this kind of thing? A Taiwanese hiking party (as long as it dosen’t involve 2 coach loads!) would be great as I could also practice my Chinese , waiguoren also fine.

Best place to look (on this site, at least) is the “Travel” forum. There are many threads about hiking. Check out posts by Mucha Man, Timogan, MJB, Chung, Mr. He, among others. What these people don’t know about trails here is hardly worth knowing.

Where are you? Near Taipei? I live very close to guan in shan 觀音山 and could show you around one weekend. PM me for details.

Limey :smiley:

Check out the China Post article below and give Richard Saunders an email. He organizes weekly outings now. This weekend is a 12km trip to Laomei waterfall at the top of the island.

chinapost.com.tw/travel/deta … 7395&GRP=g

Also check out TOA sports website. They have a lot of contact info for local clubs.