Exactly where on Yenping b[/b]?

Thanks - How about prices?.

#97-1, Yen-Ping b[/b] N Rd Sec 2 Tel: 2555-5552. Prices some as any other curry house…about NT$400 a head for a good feed, more if you’re going to sup beers (obligatory, if you ask me). Introduce y’self to Deepak and have a chat with him about what to order. He’s a top bloke and very helpful (if it’s not too busy have a beer with him…he’s had a very interesting life, cooking rubies 'round the world). There’s one dish that he does called Chicken Peshwalla(sp.) I’ve never had it anywhere else but cooked by Deepak but i always order it if in a group. Have fun!

Well, I went to Himalaya on Saturday and it truly, truly sucked – horrible non-decoration, cockroaches on the walls, very strong smell… no, make that STINK, of piss or something.
Tiny portions of very ordinary Indian-type stuff served without naan, because that came after the food was almost finished and when it came, it was tiny, crispy (!??) and totally un-naan-like.

Little tin dishes of lurid orange chicken stuff (five chunks of chicken for 7 people, likewise for the mutton).

How on earth can Indian food be spicy, yet bland?

Not recommended.

The chef there is in hospital at the mo, so his wife is in the kitchen. Having said that, from you’re review i don’t think you would have been raving about it even if he’d been there.

Being a bit of an Indian Food freak myself, I have to say I have basically given up on finding half decent (even) Indian food in Taipei. Basically I won’t bother with it. It’s just a waste of money and I’m always dissapointed. The exceptions are these. I will go and eat at Kunming, not because it’s great food or anything close but it is cheap(only at lunch) and it has something resembling a curry flavor, something resembling a chapati, and something resembling Chai. By no means authentic or excellent, it can be appreciated on another level all together. Now, in Taichung however, THE SPICE SHOP, (I believe it is called) has got to have the best Indian food on the island. Perhaps its been a while since I sang my teeth into a thali in Mysore, but my recollection of The Spice Shop was that it was pretty damn good food for Indian in Taiwan and perhaps even worthy of the title authentic. Nice orange walls and the Hindi pop songs reinforce the neccesarry ambiance and damn I’m getting hungry just thinking 'bout it…

Akosh, I’m often down in Taichung. Can you remember the address of the Spice Shop?

As for Kunming, that’s the only place I’ll go for something approaching Indian from now on – as you say, not authentic, but its good and cheap, (even in the evening) as far as I’m concerned.

Sandy – it sounds like you got the real deal. Read my true life story about real Indian food below:


When I go back to the good 'ol U. S. of A. I'm going to open a South Indian restaurant based on the "meals" system just like here. 
First, I'll have dingy surroundings with uncomfortable makeshift furniture. A boy will put out a palm leaf (actually a banana tree leaf) for a plate

sorry don’t have the address right now, may have a card at home and can get it for you later. Suffice it say though, if you can handle the reasonable facsimile being passed of at Kunming yer in for a treat next time you go to Taichung.
The Spice shop is basically kitty corner to the SOGO (the second one, if you were coming in on the bus from Taipei) Directly on that kitty corner is like a donut shop or something to that effect, and the restaurant is just a few doors down from there. I figure that the place has to be legendary so ask foreigners in town there. But if you know which SOGO I’m talking about, you should even be able to find it with the lame directions I just gave you - they were the same ones i used to find it.

good luck

Thanks, Akosh, I know exactly where you mean. I’ll be there maybe this weekend, so I’ll tell you if the place is still there and still good.

So Wolf, no red flock wallpaper and Tennents Lager on tap? Jeez, don’t those guys over there know ANYTHING about Indian food?