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Recently I changed my home Wifi provider to Taiwan mobile. Originally I had Zhong Hua Telecom which included land line and hinet email address. When cancelling my Zhong Hua WiFi I told them I wanted to keep my hinet email address which they said was no problem. I prefer to use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email. However now I can only receive email but cannot send. I can use the Webmail browser to send but I would prefer to use Outlook. I went into POP Account Settings and changed the outgoing mail server, port number and encryption method. But it still does not send. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this problem?


For configuring outlook 2013

I can only point you to these documents, as I haven’t used Windows or Outlook in over 11 years.


It might has something to do with how your should configure your SMTP server address.

Thanks for the reply. Anyway that can be shown in English. I read Chinese no problem but when comes to trying to fix these technical problems I prefer English

It might help if you show us screencaps of your outlook POP and SMTP setup.

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It might help if you show us screencaps of your outlook POP and SMTP setup.

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SERVER changed to msr.hinet.net

PORT changed to 587

encryption method changed to TLS or STARTTL

For your outgoing mail server, try these settings:

Server: msr.hinet.net
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS or STARTTL

I did and it didn’t work. Message below appeared

Check the last one ‘requires authentication’

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That did it. Successfully done. Thanks for your help

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