Hippie professor loses it

Not really. Stats only provided suspicion. They got a tip off for confirmation. I think he might have been bluffing re knowing the ID of the participants though.

As far as I can tell they were using a commercially available test bank, supplied by a textbook publisher, which leaked. Seems like they were asking for trouble.

At the mickey-mouse level of my English classes, at least, canned commercial test material is mostly unusable, though they might have a better quality supply.

Mostly I use them as a basis for my token “critical thinking/why doesn’t this make sense?” questions, which students hate, since they consider thinking an unreasonable and cruel punishment.

I once had a world history professor come in for the class on India. He wrote two very long names on the board and ask, “Who can tell me how these men were important in Indian history.” Ten seconds of silence. “Oh, I can tell none of you did the reading.” I he stormed out. People thought it was a joke or a test and waited to see if he would come back, but he never did (I made it for 15). He clearly didn’t want to teach that day. Someone sweettalked the handout for that day out of him, and that was all we really needed for the next test. Those guys weren’t on the test.

He was actually honest and said at the start of the semester that he worked in admissions and only wanted to work in admissions and only took that class because he was required to teach something.

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Many professors are strange.

My best experiences are with lecturers that practice their profession but take a class to teach. I had the DA of the town teach us business law, and it was by far one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken.


Sorry for being “technologically impaired,” but what is the purpose of blurring out text one’s post?

I got a B in a linear algebra class even tho I’d gotten A’s on all the tests. When I asked the prof why she told me it was because I never came to class except to take tests.

So it goes.

Think of it as a disclosure statement in tiny print. Another way would be to prefix it with a “t.”.

The video has been “copyright claimed.”
Has anybody “archived” it?
I’d love to see it. I for one always “archive” things like this because they disappear quickly.
2nd if you feel it would be considered fair use, would it be appropriate or legal to share publicly or privately.?

Just for you, found in archive https://web.archive.org/web/20190512191142if_/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsoNkbJNSXY

Yup hard love on those grade 3 elementary students is totally needed.

(just kiddin jimi, couldn’t resist, before you kick me out of your classroom …remember… earth below us…drifting falling…)