Hiring employees

I’m opening a Subway restaurant next month and have been trying to recruit employees through a banner and signs at the store location, but it hasn’t been successful. I’ve had a few recommendations to try www.104.com.tw. Has anyone tried them and were you happy/unhappy with the response? Are there any other recruitment services that are worth looking into?

Also, when looking for a ‘full time’ salaried employee, what is typically considered ‘full time’ here in hours worked per week (I’m used to ~40 hours by US standards)?

What sort of age restrictions are there with regards to younger employees?


i cant help sorry… but where is this new subway? pleeeeeeeease be near my work… :slight_smile:

#74 Minquan East Road Section 2 in Taipei, that’s near Landis hotel and Xingtian Temple. Where’s your work? I’m planning on opening more than one, so I’m open to suggestions for future locations.

We have got reasonably good leads from 104 for assembly workers, QC and designing personel.
Full time in our company is 09:00 to 18:00 Mon-Fri. 1 hour lunch break.
Starting salary is NTD 100/hour.

Hope that give you some direction.

jlick, as far as locations go, don’t for heaven sakes open one in any mall in Taiwan. I’ve seen them come and go. Though there is one in the Tai Mall in Nankan, the business is not so good. Also, most that have opened here in Taoyuan County had a lot of trouble with good employees so I wish you luck in getting some good ones.

I have heard good things about 104.com from the ‘looking for a job’ point of view. It hasn’t helped me much because my Chinese is so poor.

I actually got my job through 104. In fact, I just advertised myself and got several calls. Before I started one of the jobs I had accepted, I got an even better offer from another company. So it worked well for me. (Of course, that’s the opposite way round to what jlick needs).

My Chinese is pathetic, btw, but my sister-in-law put all my information up for me.

Enspyre has been recruiting via 104 for 4 years now and it is ok. The price is not very steep and one do get a lot of resumes.

For part-timers and younger people there are special BBSs many of them associated with universities where one can find people better than at 104.

In Taiwan full time is 88 hours per 2 weeks.

This might be helpful, some links to Taiwanese labor law:



Oh yeah, you do get tons of resumes. If you’re thinking of using 104 it’s a good idea to use a separate email address so that your regular mail doesn’t get overwhelmed. The service fee starts at $4200 for 1 month. If you sign up for longer periods the per month charge goes down.

I got two of my jobs, including my present one, through 104 (actually my wife did for me as I can’t read Chinese). I thought that’s the overwhelming #1 place most Taiwanese find employment, so I can’t imagine not using 104 to find employees.

Btw, congratulations Jim and good luck on the new business. :bravo: :notworthy: :bow:

Let us know when you open so we can check it out.

Should be sometime next week. It should have been middle of this week but I’ve got a bunch of equipment stuck in customs cause the paperwork got screwed up.

I get the impression that 104 is more intended for white collar/office jobs, rather than sandwich sellers. Would I be correct in that, or does everyone use it ?

I’m getting plenty of people applying for entry level part time and full time jobs through 104. Personally I thought the banner out in front of the shop would get more people applying for that kind of position but it hardly got any response at all.

Taiwan ppl don’t want to do this piddly work for crap wages. Pay more or be forever at the mercy of perpetually quitting, or not showing up for work, crap attitude employees.

Really, the kids these days don’t want to work, especially at a Subway restaurant. Got the same problem in the USA, thats why they need all of the immigrants. Try hiring somebody’s Chinese or Vietnamese mail order bride. They will work hard for your money. Check around and find out how to hire some of those hundreds of thousands of foreign brides. They are legal too.

PS: Please add more meat. I would even pay for more meat.

You can order “Double Meat” at any Subway restaurant for an extra charge. The standard price in Taiwan is $35 for any 6" or $70 for any 12". I admit that I didn’t know about this option until I went to training. Some other options you may not know about that are available at an extra charge: Add bacon, extra cheese, make any 6" a Salad.

You can also request extra veggies and condiments for no additional charge, and you can also get a cookie instead of chips with a meal. Also when redeeming a Sub Club card you are supposed to buy one medium drink for each card redeemed, but at some Taiwan restaurants you can also purchase an equivalent dollar amount of other goods, i.e. $30 worth per card. This is useful if you don’t want a drink or are redeeming two cards and don’t need two drinks.

Another employment website is 1111.com.tw My company uses both 104.com.tw and 1111.com.tw Good luck!

I’m happy with 104 so far, but could you please post a brief summary of how they differ?

I think you picked a good location, even though there’s another Subway 3 blocks east. It seems the Subways in that area are always full, at least at lunch time.

Let us know when you’re opening…you’ve got Hess main office just across the street…that should bring in a few foreigners on a regular basis.

Good luck with it!

We’re open now:

Subway Xingtian Temple Store