Hit by a red light runner - advice?

Today on the way to work, I got hit by a red light runner. Fortunately, I’m OK although I’m definitely have some pain and expect to feel it more tomorrow. Because I tried to stop, he hit the front of my scooter so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. He gave me his business card and said “I’m sorry. I’m late for work. Call me.” I waited for the police to tell him that I had the green light and he ran the red light. No report. The police said I should call the guy who hit me. Advice?

You shouldn’t have let him leave. You could technically go to the foreign police station at ximen and force the issue. Basically make them do a report. Keep your receipts.


In Chinese, but these might help. Someone could translate, if she needs?

I think you can go to hospital and get a medical record.

New Taipei City Police Department

車禍當下警察沒有做筆錄 事後還可以要求賠償嗎

問:1. 雖是我撞他 但我這邊是綠燈 他闖紅燈 這樣是我錯嗎?
2.警察那邊沒有備案 沒有拍照 沒有任何我們車禍當下的所有記錄 這樣我事後還可以要求他賠償我醫藥費嗎? 該怎麼要求?

A policeman did arrive took a photo and talked briefly with us. The driver was in a hurry to get to work and left, and I did tell the police that I had the green light and which direction we were coming from. I’m sure it’s all on camera. The police did say just to call him and settle it. It should be an interesting red light camera photo. :sweat_smile:

Memo to the members with a running feud about red lights: don’t start. :rainbow: :peace_symbol:


As @JPMichaels1 said, you can go to a big police station. I think they cannot refuse to make a report.

Too late now but for future reference insist on a police report, without the report you can go no further and cannot make a claim on his insurance. I’d suggest going to the police station involved and insisting on some sort of case reference so that at least you know they have it on file. Best case is the guy pays your costs and you won’t need anything from the police.

The last time I was in an accident (not my fault) and the other driver was being a &^%$ I called the FAP only to be told they don’t deal with such minor issues, only cases involving violence or worse. Not sure if that is their official policy but I wouldn’t rely on them getting involved.


Yeah they don’t seem to care all that much when the local is in the wrong and the visitor is in the right. Unless the visitor happens to be stupid enough to spark up a joint near Taipei 101.

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In 3 accidents that were not my fault I’ve never gotten that impression. One of the accidents was another car hitting my car in a car park at night, the police officer involved spent several hours reviewing 12 hours of CCT footage on equipment that could only 4X. He came back later when off duty to fill in all the relevant forms. My experience has been that they treat the visitor way better than the local.


My complaint wasn’t against the officer or even against Taiwanese people. The guy who ran the red light was more concerned about getting to work on time than my well-being. He certainly didn’t intend to hurt me. If I had not been able to slow down enough to where he clipped the front of my scooter, it would have been a t-bone and lights out for me. So when he started leave, I looked him in the eyes and said “You could have killed me! Don’t run red lights!” You know what his response was…He gave me a gift of menthol rub…menthol


There are a group of posters on here who are hell bent on painting Taiwan in a very negative light, distorting reality, twisting and fabricating things to the point where they actually believe their made-up bull shit. Maybe they do it because of a one time bad experience, maybe they are unhappy with their life here…who knows? The police are willing to take reports and they do take things seriously. That has been my experience, my family’s experience and many friends’ experiences too.

Are the cops perfect here? No. Are they against foreigners and think we are evil white devils? Absolutely not. That is absurd. For the people who keep painting Taiwan so negatively towards foreigners, this is for you: If in your mind you feel like this is true, then perhaps it is time you left to find greener pastures.

To the OP @Aikaili , sorry for your accident. I sincerely hope you are ok. Other posters are correct, best to get a report done on the scene. If the police have his info and your info, try and push things further.

The Taipei Police Website states:
“There are foreign-language-trained officers at each police precinct.”
I believe the foreign affairs police hot line is not responsible for traffic accidents. Call 011 for a traffic accident and the dispatcher can find an English speaking officer to assist you.


Some of those posters are entertaining. The guy who moved from Japan to Taiwan, got insta-dumped by his girlfriend within his first 48 hours on the island and then spent months replying on every thread writing bitter replies filled this:“THIS PLACE SUCKS” sentiment…I mean, that was an amazing source of distilled Schadenfreude. Too bad he left, I miss his replies. Kinda.

Backintopic: feelsbadman, Aikaili, take care!


Yeah, that whole FA Police deal is a total artifact from the 80s and 90s, when the overall level of English ability was way way lower than it is now. My impression is that, currently, in addition to most people walking around having more English, cops tend to have considerably more formal education than they used to (which translates into better English). The last couple times I was around in a situation where an FA stooge had showed up, the local cops’ English kicked the shit out of his.

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Thanks @IbisWtf! Anyone who knows me see that I am enjoying my life here quite a bit. Maybe too much…except for the road accident part. I didn’t enjoy that part at all. :slight_smile: I’m OKand my scooter seems OK, and I really don’t want the hassle, so I’m letting this go. I don’t regret telling the other driver that he needs to understand that he can kill people. Nothing to do with being Taiwanese or the evil furriner.

Oh, so it’s sorted then.


mind blown


Please don’t think that was about you. Not at all!
My conversation about evil furriners was regarding other posters ranting about the police.
Glad it all worked out for you.
And nothing wrong with telling him he could have killed you, that is truth.

Glad to hear @Aikaili (and her scooter) is OK. My number one rule for riding a scooter in Taiwan (along with stay as far as possible from taxis, buses and delivery trucks) is always enter an intersection assuming that someone is going to run the red. It doesn’t usually happen, but it does happen shockingly often. I’m sure it’s saved my life on multiple occasions.


You’re right. That’s what happened here. I wasn’t careful at this particular intersection because you have to start to run the red light at least 2 seconds late to get to where I was going. I violated my own rule of never be first and never be last.

Ignoring the fact this was bumped by some spambot, was there further resolution here beyond menthol rubs @Aikaili?