Hit by car. What compensation should I expect?

I’m a foreigner on holiday in Taiwan leaving next week.

I got hit by a young female driver last week as a pedestrian. We will sit down and negotiate soon. Besides medical fees, what is a reasonable amount of compensation? I got minor back injuries and bruises that required painkillers, icepacks and few days at home.

Basically it was mid-day, it was a green-man for pedestrians and I was walking on the zebra crossing of a big road. A car comes from the smaller road behind me that has a green light and turns left and hits me. Totally their fault, I was sent flying and landed on my lower back/arse.

I tell them to call for an ambulance, I stayed on the floor until the ambulance and police arrive. All I could do is take a picture of their registration before I went to the hospital.

At the hospital while I was getting checked up, my mother-in-law arrived and speaks to the policeman and the driver. The driver comes up with some bullshit story like something was blocking her view and didn’t see me but there was no obstacle. They were meant to approach slowly and turn left when the crossing is clear. They were reckless and driving too fast which led me to being hit.

Apparently CCTV from the police shows me being hit and it’s clearly their fault. I got the accident report form that just had our names and her license plate.

So my injury is minor, nothing is broken after x-rays. For the past few days, I’ve been in pain, bruises all over, huge pain in my lower back/tail-bone area where I landed and muscles were overly stressed out. So it’s been painkillers and icepacks and being confined to staying at home for a few days.

Doctors and fees comes to around 2500-4000. But my father and mother in law are not having it. She could of easily killed someone for not seeing a person crossing the zebra crossing in broad daylight. I agree they should not get away so lightly without learning a lesson. I hear Taiwan traffic accidents are the worst. We are set to sit down and talk in a few days time and I don’t know what kind of compensation should we consider.

Random numbers are thrown from 50,000-500,000. Seems a bit over the top since I don’t have any broken bones. But my father in law in insisting that they can’t be let off that easily. My injury could have unknown long term effects when I return home, like my wife who got hit by a car when she was 10 and still have headaches to this day. I’m also a foreigner (if that means anything). If we go to court clearly I would win, it would be very costly for them but would I get anything from the judge worth my time if we end up that route? (I have to fly back to Taiwan? Could take months to settle? Do they have to pay all my legal fees, flights, hotel fees if I win?) Etc

Is it best to seek a lawyer for advice? Honestly, I want a quick settlement. A contract. A sum to protect us both. Compensation for the mental harm and any future medical fees that could occur. I don’t care too much about the money but listening to my father-in-law, it’s part justice and some insurance for me future health. Anyone had experience with this and got a reasonable compensation amount for us to negotiate with the driver?


I have zero clue but thanks for sharing your story and for doing a small part in improving at least one driver’s behavior. Sorry it happened to you. Good luck!

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I think this is a question you should consult with your lawyer.

You should always aim high so you can negotiate down.


I’d go for at least a million ntd for this if you’d asked me.

Being active is an important part of my life. I’d want compensation for taking that away from me. I would have some serious mental health problems if I wasn’t able to be active.


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Here you go! This is my lawyer and he speaks English.

Lawyer up. Your inlaws are right.


out of curiosity …
do you get any incentives for your constant recommendation(s) of your lawyer ?


No. The only thing I get is that he lets me waste time with questions.

Which I end up sharing here anyways.


My wife got hit by a car crossing the road. An unlicensed son was driving. They lied and said Dad who was a passenger was driving. Either way, they were at fault.

Went to court, they lost. We don’t have money.

Went back to court. They got threatened with jail. Didn’t pay.

In the end they ended up paying a few hundred a month for a long period.

You can ask for a million, but you won’t get it.


I hope you ask for a lot, because I want it to be a message to other drivers here. Set a precedent in law so that other drives will be deterred from being so reckless. People drive like this nonstop here. I’ve almost been hit so many times in the exact situation and seen others including the elderly escape collision by a hair.


While I realise you’re shaken and upset, the purpose of the compensation hearing is not to dispense punishment; that would be for a court to decide.

It was a long time ago, but when this happened to my ex there were no lawyers involved, and they considered only the costs incurred. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to speak to a lawyer beforehand (and factor that into the sum you ask for).

IIRC the taxi driver who hit my ex never actually paid a single 元. So i wouldn’t get your hopes up. Taiwan’s judicial procedures often have the appearance of going through all the right motions, but ultimately miss the point.

You can settle everything in the arbitration mediation in one day if both parties agree. I don’t think going for a million is the right thing to do since you weren’t really hurt badly, but asking for 100K seems fair to me and is likely to be reluctantly accepted by the other party.

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I predict he will get 10 k.

You almost always get only half of what you ask. They also can plead ‘no money’! Sorry! Than it will come to another arbitration mediation and if they hold on to it, court. And ask your wife to check for their tax filings and monetary/property possessions, you can do that but need to know how

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This will take long process, this happen to my brother and almost killed him.
Also happen to my friend parents - parents died on spot.

Police will fine them because they broke traffic rules, this part does not concern you.

You will have up to three negotiation meetings, unless you come to an agreement on the amount of compensation. If they call you or want to meet up outside of negotiations, better not talk to them or agree to anything.
If no agreement is made, then it goes to court and the judge will decide on the appropriate amount.

So best document all your injuries, missed earnings. Get a lawyer if the negotiations are not fruitful.
Your MIL can go to negotiations for you, if you are busy with work.

On the amount, the Taiwanese have better understanding of how much you can get. But it is substantial even for ‘minor’ injuries. Don’t let any injuries and problems slip. Every scratch and inconvenience counts towards larger payment.


100k is acceptable for me, the minimum. Anything lower doesn’t protect me. I see the compensation is like an insurance for her, so she has a peace of mind that I don’t bother her anymore. And for me, if I have any future medical costs.

I’m on holiday but I’ve lost a week of my paid holidays house bound which is around 40k itself.


Question, is there auto insurance here? In America usually the insurance company of the person who hit you is liable for paying your medical bills and compensating you.

Better Call S…Kuo & Kuo !! Attorneys At Law :ok_hand::sunglasses:


You need to keep all your bills and get an insurance agent to liase for you.
I got hi ever so slowly by someone turning in front of me, minor injuries and bruises plus a broken iPad and got paid 40K nt$ like a year later!