Hitler and the DPP

As many of you know, the DPP is taking a lot of flak (and rightfully so!) for their inclusion of Hitler as one of four “sound political figures” (including JFK, Li Denghui and Castro!) who dared to “speak their own minds”

The culprits:
1.Mr. Phoenix Zheng (鄭運鵬), Director of the DPP’s Cultural and Information Department. His famous quotes:
“We thought about the negative impact of presenting Hitler’s image, but felt that it was presented with a sense of humor and would not be associated with the Jews”

“It’s regrettable that some Jewish organizations and the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei distorted and misunderstood the film’s intention”

“they (foreigners) cannot understand the context in which we put Hitler due to the language barrier”

“There is nothing wrong with the film but it contains messages that foreigners cannot understand”

Furthermore, according to the Taipei Times, which has been diligently covering the story, Mr. Phoenix Zheng claimed that the German Cultural Centre understood the DPP’s point and therefore did not file a complaint. However, the Centre’s Director said she never received any explanation form the DPP at all. According to Mr. Zheng, this is a Jewish problem, and the Jewish reaction has bent the whole thing out of shape.

Lee Denghui has complained to the DPP about the commerical, saying he did not want to be placed on a par with figures like Hitler. (Geez, what a sensitive old coot!)

Seriously, though, the DPP needs to be educated on this one. There’s nothing in Nazism or Hitler that deserves to be upheld as a positive model for society, just as there is nothing in the Rape of Nanjing that has any positive marketing value. Hitler was a monster, and Nazism was a great crime against not only the Jews, but also against humanity. Also let us not forget that the Chinese, or for that matter any non-Aryan types, had no place in Hitler’s “Master Race” bullsh*t, except maybe as forced labour. The “bold characteristics” that Ruan Chaoxiong (阮昭雄 ), director of the DPP’s youth department, so admires would have sent him to the ovens, had he lived in Hitler’s Germany, along with the Jews, the handicapped, gypsies, blacks and homosexuals that Hitler felt had no place in his third reich.

The DPP’s address is Beiping East Road, #30, 10th Floor, Taipei, Taiwan. Their telephone number is 2392-9989. If you speak Chinese, you can call extension 536 or 534. If you want the English service, just follow the instructions when you get their automated voice mail.

Call or visit the DPP today, and let them know that this isn’t just a Jewish overreaction. This behaviour should be considered distasteful to ALL civilized nations and ALL people with any sense of morals, justice or understanding of history. Do it today.

Well-put, Maoman. Insightful critique that deserves to be heard.

My first reaction was “not again?” Like many, but not all foreigners, I thought that the use of Hitler was insanely insensitive and downright dumb. But then I tried to look at it from a different perspective. The youth director of the DPP cannot be stupid, nor can others who helped write, produce and approve the TV ad. It began to dawn on me that the Chinese clearly did not see the issue as foreigners do.
Probably the best response by a Chinese on the issue came from someone associated with media here. She said: “Who cares? Hitler didn’t kill any Chinese.”
Bang! There you have it.

It’s not the first time I’ve thought that most Chinese just don’t seem to have a sense of history. It’s like the history’s past and it doesn’t matter. This might be an Asia-wide phenomonem. I struck the same attitude in Cambodia regarding Pol Pot. All the people you see with swastika’s (the real nazi kind) or pictures of Hitler on their helmets or T-shorts or whatever just don’t give a clue or don’t care. And you see guys wearing Mao T-shirts here from time to time, which if you think about it is almost like wearing a Hitler T-shirt in Israel. They think it’s kind of cute or cool or something. Like Elvis.

I once knew a Chinese girl who told me about the time she went to a foreginer’s party. She thought it would be a laugh to wear her friend’s new swastika helmet. She didn’t realise the significance of the fact that most of the people were Germans. Then she got really angry at their reaction. She still thinks the overreacted by getting angry and telling her not to wear it. It was just for fun!


Just saw that the ad is now being pulled altogether.

So the poor old DPP have to waste all that money just because of a few whingeing Israelis and Germans who just can’t understand what the TV ad was trying to say.
Old Phoenix must be saying to himself “why, oh why are foreigners SO STUPID?”

I have it on fairly good authority that both Time and Newsweek are covering the story and that Lee Teng-hui is totally incensed at having his own image linked with that of the carpet-biter, especially by his new pals.

DPP heads are going to roll for this. And its all because of stupid foreigners.

I hope heads do roll over this one.

Although I think Lee Teng-hui is correct in being outraged, I’m having a hard time working up much sympathy for him over this one, because he is among those who have casually compared others to Hitler. There was a lot of Hitlering going around during the presidential campaign. Lee called Soong “as bad as Hitler” (or something similar). And the KMT aired commercials interspersing footage of Chen Shui-bian and Hitler. Good of the KMT to be fighting the good fight against authoritarianism. :unamused:
–Cranky (posting from the Beautiful Country)

Great letter to the editor in today’s Taipei Times, written by one Martin Lawson.

The DPP should apologize

I arrived relatively recently in Taipei. As a European the image of nazism is strictly taboo especially in Germany, where you can’t even talk about it without desperately embarassing silences- all for good reason.
So when I saw the Hitler poster I was shocked and thought that benneton ads were tame in comparison. However, as you discover Taiwan you find many souvenirs of the Nazis, for instance, motorcyle helmets, t-shirts etc. Is this a mis-placed fashion thing riding on the back of ignorance or is there something more going sinister on?

Paradoxically the swastika was adapted by Adolf from the sun symbol you see all over temples and in other religious contexts.

Personally I hope it is all due to ignorance rather than a revival of Nazism…

[url=http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2003/02/20/195233]You mean [b]"Formosa, Formosa,

Didn’t this happen about two years ago in another context? There was a nightclub somewhere with a nazi motif…

Anyway, I wish I had seen the DPP poster associated with this promotion… Can anyone upload a scan? I want to see for myself what the DPP was trying to say…

Maoman, you have a very nice new avatar, and it reminds me of a famous slogan from the days of the Cultural Revolution: your avatar looks like one damn good “running dog of the revolution” as the old Chairman and his Red Guard cronies termed the reactionary elements – those who would resist and adhere to personal viewpoints, or espouse private ownership, or who were just plain cowardly thieves and anarchists…

like me and you, knyuck, knyuck, knyuck…

taipeitimes.com/chnews/2000/01/2 … 0000020751