HIV and the married woman

Didn’t Forumosa discuss this just a few months back?

Do you think married men should be carted off when they arrive back at CKS, stripped, photographed and tested, or is that just something for gay Taiwanese men at private parties?

“HIV infection rates among Asian women are soaring and being married is one of the biggest factors as many women contract the disease from their husbands, the UN said yesterday.” … 2003101731

[Apologies if someone else has already posted this - I can’t find it.]

Sex education knowledge in Taiwan? :roll:

I remember a survey of college undergraduates here a couple of years back. A good percentage of individuals believed eating a particular kind of fish could combat pregnancy.

Pisces Prophylacticus is endemic to the streams and drains of Ximending.

Here’s a tip, Taiwanese tai-tais, if your da-fu is taking a “business trip” to mainland China or Vietnam, chances are he isn’t golfing on his off hours. March him down to the health clinic before you let slick willy back in.

Oh, goodness, no! Then their lao-gongs would lose face!

Until people are educated on the issues nothing is going to change. Unfortunately though that isn’t going to happen.

Everyone seems to agree that these issues aren’t discussed and there is a distinct lack of awareness.

So, how to raise awareness, specifically in Taiwan? Quite a few gay guys I know have discussed various fund-raising and awareness events (each time World AIDS day comes around, and there’s bugger all in Taiwan), but always conclude that in a culture such as Taiwan’s, any gay-themed event (be it a club night, drag show, whatever) will REINFORCE stereotypes about HIV/AIDs rather than break them down.

I’ve also heard from many people it’s even difficult to get Western HIV awareness theatre and tour groups to come here, as all their material is almost two decades ahead of general levels of awareness - Taiwan needs the sort of campaign material that was going on in the west in the late-80s - today’s stuff just wouldn’t work.

The head-in-the-sand approach of Taiwan’s government to sex education has to be one of the most frustrating things about being here - when everyone else can see it coming, WHAT is their problem? :fume: