HK Visa Run Questions

Hey guys,

First post here, I joined the Taiwan club on a landing visa and want to start studying at the Mandarin Training Center. I have prepared everything but just wanted to ask a couple of questions, I found some general points in most of the posts but they were out of date!

  1. I am enrolled in MTC for approximately 3 months (I have signed up for a semester) but I want to study for 1 year approximately, now on the application form it states “proposed date of departure from Taiwan”…should I put 1 year from now? Or should I play it safe and put 90 days from my entry date?

  2. I got some photos from a photobooth next to the Wellcome on Xin Sheng road, although they don’t quite measure up to the box, a very fine white border can be see, is this a problem? Does anyone know where near the Guting station I can get other photos taken, or should photos from a booth be ok?

  3. I do not have a flight leaving Taipei within 60 days of issuing the visa, is this a big problem? Maybe this ties in with point 2 if I intend to stay for approximately 1 year. Should I have a flight or can I get away without one? On the HK visa website it doesn’t state that you need one.

  4. I will be showing three bank accounts, 1 with approximately £4,000 in and another with £2,400 (joint account)…I also have a business account which I will be drawing funds from, that has a substantial amount in it. Will this be enough, I couldn’t find a fixed amount for award of the visa, it just siad a bank account with “sufficient funds.”

If anyone could shed any light on these questions I would really appreciate it!


PS. The visa run is Tuesday :wink:, hoping to pay extra and get it all done in one day as I land at approximately 8am.

  1. Just put the ‘real’ date.
  2. Pics from the booth are fine.
  3. If you have all the paperwork from your school you don’t have to show the ticket.
  4. ‘Sufficient funds’ means at least 2000usd.

the express fee is 800hkd and you have to apply before 11:00 /bus takes around 45m i’d suggest airport express instead/, nearest tube is Admiralty.


Thanks for the reply funkkey you have answered my questions, may I just ask though, what do you mean by the “real” date. I presume you mean after the 90 days expiration of my enrollment?

What I am thinking of doing is filling out two application forms, one with the date and one without!

What’s the big rush? If I were you I would take it easy and use the time to look around Hong Kong.

What’s the big rush? If I were you I would take it easy and use the time to look around Hong Kong.[/quote]

Mainly because I have already booked a hotel in Taipei (already paid for) and have been invited out on the Wednesday by my friends mother, therefore want to keep the commitment, nothing special. I will probably holiday in HK soon.

It makes it worse because one of my friends is in HK at the time so i can only meet him for an afternoon of drinks rather than a couple of days!