Hmmm, forumosa Haiku competition

Just read [url= post[/url] and thought we should help Gus out by providing him with ten words to fill a bit of spare space. (I guess it could have a title too.)

My effort:

[quote]For Almas John

Sheep in schoolgirl uniforms, what more could a yeti want?[/quote]

Blowing tired thoughts
Whistling through the keyboard teeth
Posting in Open

They yearn knowledge,
Too polite to think
Understand the culture

5 wo men de peng you
7 dzai forumosa shuo shuo
5 hen duo hai mei kan

ESPN blues
Seven soul crushing games straight
Yankees never win

Thread about haikus
in competition no less
has been done before

Yeah, but that was real haikus. I’m talking about Gustavo needing ten-word blurbs.

You WELSH bastard! I won’t be able to get to sleep tonight. I’ll be tossing and turning all night. Thanks a lot - just what I needed after last night’s sheep-poodle-induced insomnia.

This is too easy
I am making perfect sense

I was thinking maybe a few haiku that would let others know what we’re all about. To wit (or not), my humble advert placeholder offerings:

Keeping you informed

Have something to share?
I hope so cause I sure don’t
I will post today

Your community?
If you want service come here

Hey newb, we’re friendly
But if you don’t lurk and search
We tear new asshole

Work in an office?
You can get paid for posting
On Forumosa

For shits and giggles
Some people refer to us
As “bore-umosa”

You are not alone
She does tomato kebab
Stick in pants rising

You all think too much
Don’t fathom Chinese culture
Inside jokes ha ha

Lorem ipsum do
lor sit amet, consecte
tur adipisic

Yeah, didn’t mean to criticize. Just thought I’d link back to some of the old haikus— most of which I thought fit this topic pretty well. Thought it might add to the thread.

But within the constraints of the 5-7-5 haiku I couldn’t say all of that.

explaining ideas
in haiku rigid measure
is not that easy

For a serious contribution, how about:

Forumosa ads
seen by expats island-wide
an excellent choice

‘Not even a proper haiku. And not just because it’s not in Japanese anyway.’

Hangover again
Going to work
Can’t be arsed.

By Buttercup.

Thank you.


I see no need for further advertisement.