Holland's next leader?


All right then, replace cruciferism with brassicism. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I prefer to judge vegetables by the content of their character, not the color of their leaves.:sunglasses:


But the brassicists are already multi-colored: green, white, red/purple… you can even find some yellow! :rainbow:


See, that’s your problem, man. You’re just too hung up on skin color. You need to learn how to be vegetable pigment-blind.

On the other hand, not all vegetables bleed green, so I guess the metaphor only stretches so far…


I won’t judge this animal by the color of its skin or blood. :flog:


It’s not what they believe; it’s what they espouse. Every political platform is a marketing position.


Okay then marketing genius, how many of them espouse it?


Pretty much all of them, but only half the time.


If the likes of Trudeau promise to abolish social classes half the time they speak in public, the interwebs must be overflowing with evidence, yet somehow my research skills are so pitiful that I haven’t noticed. Could you please help me, sir? :praying:


I do recall him giving a warm, fuzzy tribute to Fidel Castro.


His family also has a well known friendship with the Aga Khan. Does that make him a closet Muslim like your #44?


I don’t think Obama is a Muslim. It was much more politically expedient for him to be a Christian, although I suspect he’s a closet atheist. He does have the disturbing tendency to refer to Islam as “the religion of peace” with a straight face though.