Hollywood Horror Movie Mutants=Asian-look-alike?


I was watching the “Wrong Turn” series, and I just found one disturbing fact.
The appearance of the villains (cannibal mutants) in the whole series all pretty much look like Asians.
The 4th movie had the most obvious evidence.

The three young mutants looked exactly like three stereotypical Japanese nerds.
And no, none of the actors were of Asian descent, they just wore masks and makeups to make them look that way.
So, Asian facial traits were strange and abnormal, and hence could be associated with canibal mutants, at least that’s what the movie makers thought.
I am not accusing anything, but a fact is a fact, that’s all.


I recall a horror game called Left for Dead 2. Some complaints about that some (large chunk) of the zombies in-game are African American, unlike the first game which have majority white American zombies.

For me, it’s too nitpicking, since:

  1. LfD2 background is in Southern US, primarily Savannah, GA and NOLA, so 50-50 race ratio kinda work, while LfD background was in Pennsylvania and Florida, so majority white American zombies are the norm.
  2. It’s a fluckin’ game. Two of the heroes, Coach and Rochelle are African Americans, no one said much about that.

FYI, I am an Asian, as slanted as an Asian can be.