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Anyone know where it’s possible to get insurance against theft in Taiwan? I’ve asked my landlord and guys at work, and they all seem to think this is a very strange idea! What I’m looking for is content insurance, eg computer, video, tv etc and also theft insurance for a motorcycle. I can’t believe all those guys on 60K+ Majesty are just parking up and hoping it won’t be stolen! The nearest I heard to home insurance is some kind of silent alarm system you can have fitted, place is broken into and the alarm company are automatically called and send in the heavies! Anyone have any details, experience with this?

We got home content insurance through
CGU International Insurance Plc
Unit 706
Worldwide House
129 Min Sheng East Rd Sec 3
Phone: 25149755
Fax: 27151442

This is a really old thread, just to see if there is any new info on Household contents Insurance in Taiwan?

Who is the easiest to deal with ? Cheapest ? English speaking & contracts ?

Any update on this 22 year old thread? I’m trying to find if there’s any decent home contents insurance companies in Taiwan that insure against theft, fire, floods etc. It’s a very common form of insurance in the UK, but I’m struggling to find it here.

I’ve asked about this from time to time with local friends and colleagues and its always met with a blank stare or confusion. Would love to hear about a current solution.

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I never found any in the end and I guess the money I’ve saved on premiums over the last 20 something years is enough to compensate for any future losses! Never had anything of worth stolen and lost one practically worthless scooter to a flood in that time frame.

Anyone try that company mentioned by BH1 all those years ago?


Yep it’s the same look my wife just gave me after asking.