Home (contents) insurance for a Brit in Taiwan

I’ve searched for information on contents insurance in Taiwan, but there are scant threads on it, and those are pretty old. I know Taiwanese are laissez-faire about contents insurance, but I assume most foreigners have it.

Ideally I want to use a UK company. There’s plenty of companies with policies for all those Brits moving to Spain and France (20,000 a year just to France!), but nothing much else. I guess the most expensive thing I will have will be a laptop, but it would be nice to know it is covered for theft, fire, accidents, mad sars infected dragon attacks etc.

So what’s everyone using?

It doesn’t seem to exist in Taiwan. I’ve been here over a decade without finding it. We gave up after asking a couple of friends working for different insurance companies; they had never heard of it. I have never heard of anyone else having it either, so unless there’s been a change lately, you can still only insure your stuff if you own the apartment/house you live in.

Is there something on the American Express website?

americanexpress.com/taiwan/P … home.shtml

Thanks for the replies fellas. I think I will just phone a few UK insurers and see what they offer, since I don’t really want to go through a Taiwanese insurer or American Express.

If I have success, I will post the results here for others.