Home nursing / care giver fee?

I need to find an official statement of how much a nurse or care giver costs per day (This is for in-home care).
After my accident, my woman had to care for me daily for a month. We need to provide proof of how much it would have cost to employ a nurse for this period of time. The court demands an official document or information regarding this.
Please, if you can, point me to websites or anything with this kind of information. It is greatly appreciated.


My woman?

What was going on back in those days?

It’s recently generally ~$1000+ a day for a caregiver in a hospital who kind of like brings your meals and help you go to the toilet and those kinds of things that your family or friends don’t want to do or when they’re not around.

Your cheap, it’s more like 3000 NT$ for someone local 24h.

According to 1 friend they charge TWD 2200 for 8hrs. Base on my experience year 2019 they charge 2500/24hrs.

My cousin experience, they charge her 3200.

Correction: above numbers are hospital pricing.

Home caregivers: NTD20K