Home quarantine details

Haha… so while this would be sort of fun, it doesn’t actually solve the problem of evading home quarantine (asking for a friend of course, wink, wink)

Would call forwarding to a second phone work?

I hope this is all idle chit chat.
If not, how about we forward this thread to the CDC and they can decide if it is worth tracking your IP address from your posts here to pay a special visit.

I mean come on! This isn’t a game or joke. The ENTIRE world is faced with this right now. People are dying.

Take your quarantine seriously, suck it up for 14 days and don’t put people’s lives at risk.


Well, go ahead and forward this idle chit chat to the CDC!

… back on topic, so you know how certain things need to be done in person, like getting cash from an ATM? If I run out of cash, should I ask the CDC to go to the ATM and get some more for me?

Anyway, I obviously don’t need cash if I’m stuck at home for the next two weeks. But what about other stuff, like, umm, food? Is the CDC going to deliver food to me? Or am I stuck eating whatever is available on Uber Eats? I haven’t tried Carrefour online delivery but I suppose that I’ll have to soon

And yes, this really is idle chit chat. But I also think that you’re taking this WAYYYY too seriously

If in Taipei, yep, they do deliver food. And medication. And medical attention via video conference.

Wow, that’s sort of cool to know. I suppose I’ll have to ask them about it the next time that they call me. I’m assuming that if it’s “free” food then it would be your typical NT50 lunch box or maybe a couple of meat buns… not complaining, I really wouldn’t expect them to buy a full meal from say Eddie’s and send it over to me

Interesting, you are actually still in your quarantine time, right? May I ask some questions?

  • Do you have a permanent residence here or are you just in an AirBnB? wondering if the latter one works too as a home quarantine for foreigners.
  • How do your get food? They really deliver you food three times a days or how do you get food? I guess you’re not allowed to do groceries? Must be horrible if you’re not but then craving for… taiwanese tea eggs from 7-11/family mart :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:
  • How is the daily check? They call and ask you about how you feel or how are the daily checks done?
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Do they also send people to the apartment/house to check?

So far nobody has come out to physically check that I’m in my home… they basically call me once per day

They use geo-fencing using your sim card to make sure you stay where you are.

So almost there then, when is “Freedom” due to be granted?

Yes have 3 more days to go…

  • I have a permanent residence

  • Forgot to ask them about food delivery… I basically use Uber Eats when I’m craving something specific. Otherwise, I have instant noodles, frozen foods and various other odds and ends at home. I have a helper to go out to pick up stuff from Carrefour as well

  • Daily check is basically a phone call. They ask if I feel ok or sick… what I’m surprised about is that they’ve figured out that they need to have an English speaker call me


I’m free to leave the house on March 21!


Congrats, you survived.

Of course, it would be really ironic if there was a sudden spat of cases that now forced EVERYONE to undergo self-quarantine…

I couldn’t find the other thread about quarantine, the more updated one, can someone point me to it? Also, about trash disposal. I live in a building with trash collection so I don’t need to dispose in the trash truck but I need to take the elevator to the level where the cleaning staff deal with trash. If I am in quarantine am I allowed to do that (take the elevator)? I read somewhere here on Forumosa that they have trash collecting service for quarantine folks. Would that work in my situation since I will quarantine at home and I the trash collection is done inside my building?


You’ll still need to have them come collect your trash. They want to keep the quarantine trash separate, I guess. When we did it, they said they were talking it somewhere in Taipei to burn it.


Where can you request that? With the Lizhang or directly with the officer who will call to check on you?

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We were given a paper in our little care package (given to us by the police) with phone numbers to call for trash disposal in each county.


Did you receive that package On the first day of the quarantine ?

Yes. We arrived in the morning and they called us in the afternoon to see if they could come by to give us the package. They just dropped it in front of our door with no contact.


I quarantined in a Taipei hotel and nobody gave me a bag of goodies?? :sleepy: