Home speaker options for music

Looking for a good home speaker for everyday music playing around the house. Portable Bluetooth is ok, so are some larger ones that aren’t portable.

I’ve seen the beats pill around, not sure if it’s any good. Bose and bang n olufsen has some. Any recommendations. I can see me spending around 200, but maybe 300-350 if it’s significantly better and worth the price.

I recently bought a JBL Charge3 and I am really happy with it. I originally bought a BOSE soundlink, but after having to replace it twice as it just stopped working I gave up and bought the JBL.

Which sounds better?

JBL, they were around the same price.

I’m looking at the Harmon Karson allure as well. https://www.harmankardon.com/wireless-speakers/ALLURE.html

You’d be fine with Harmon Kardon, wharfdales, yamahas, I wouldn’t go beats, 300 au for something g that costs 4 au to make, plus sound isn’t overly great.

I like this concept. Hang some artwork on the wall that is also a speaker. Sure, not the best quality, but interesting concept.

I only wish they would incorporate batteries with USB connection so you could keep the cord invisible except when charging for a few hours every few days.

Will be interesting if the art covers will be nice enough to put on wall.