Home theater stores / installers


Have the pleasure of upgrading my home theater set up. Want to find a store that specializes in hi-fi and mid-to-high end a/v equipment. I’ve been to syntrend and guanghua but am looking for more and preferably a professional installer.

Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you in advance.

As a side note: is there an enthusiast group any of you are a part of? Let’s share and audition headphones and stuff together! :smiley:

Edit: I’m specifically looking into projectors / screens / subwoofer / maybe more speakers (7.2 - my body is ready)

The area around Zhonghua Rd and Yanping S. Rd. south of the North Gate is a good place to nose around. There are other stores around as well. One good way is to try to find local distributors on websites of brands you’re interested in.

That’s a great idea for the equipment side - thank you! I will give that a shot as well.

The hard part, I’ve found, is finding a professional installer that specializes in this stuff.

I used a store here couple years ago. Any good store we have installers. I was really happy . They came to my house and did everything i wanted and offered other suggestions.

Seems some stores have moved.

How big is your room and how far is your seating distance?

If you are in a typical apartment, I’d recommend looking at an 82" 4K Samsung QLED. It would be cheaper than a high end projector and screen, and perform better.


I love my projectors, but in most Taiwanese rooms, you can get better performance for less with a flat-screen. You also need to consider that projectors require another 100K in room treatments to get the best performance.


What do you guys budget on your home theater sound systems?

On a slightly different topic, I want an audio upgrade for my car (I travel a lot, 2 hours or more a day) and the one thing I noticed is that AMPS are extremely overpriced here.

What costs $150-$300 outside of Taiwan costs $660 inside Taiwan! WTF.
I didn’t only check Amazon, South African prices are similar and SA also has costly shipping and taxes added onto the price.

Are home audio AMPS also much much more expensive??

I think this is true for almost any brand not based in Taiwan, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

I can highly recommend this local brand for speakers:


I also have one of their amps that is good for the money, but the speakers are OUTSTANDING for the money. I have these for my audio setup:


Incredible speakers.

I don’t do home theater, but have listened to their demo rig for it, and it is also really good.


Fortunately for home hi-fi there’s a local company (Usher) that makes great amps and speakers and they’re much cheaper here than abroad. But I’m not sure they make surround sound systems.

What about something like this:

They absolutely have center channel and subs designed for home theater. If you want it all in a single box as a system, no they wouldn’t be a good fit. The demo room they had set up for it (there are two, one for audio only and one HT) impressed me.


OOF - tough question…

My home theater has been a constant work-in-progress with upgrades throughout the years. General rule of thumb - spend more on speakers than you would your DAC/amp because that’s where you’ll make the most gainz.

Speakers wear out right, kinda like wearing shoes?