Homes with a "downtown LA" type view

So im sure we have all seen those hollywood homes that from the back porch or a window or something you can see the skyscrapers, downtown in the far distance

Like this image but this type of view from the property.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any areas in and around maybe Taichung, Yuanlin areas that have this view, from a house preferably. Im guessiing if you went to the far outskirts and rented a top floor unit facing downtown you would probably get a similar result, say zhongli unit balcony facing towards taoyuan. But would prefer house ideally but it would obviously have to be on a hill.

Is there anything specific to type into the local websites in chinese that would find this or is this something locals dont really care about? Not really a big deal just think the view like that is pretty cool.

I guess it would be pretty expensive rent…or maybe not if there is no 7/11 nearby…


Lots of mountain areas have these views. Issue is pollution may obstruct them. Head into the hills with Google Maps satellite. Hit the hills with. Road and dense city nearby. Taipei has some pretty famous spots as well.

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Do you have a scooter or car?
Time to go on a weekend drive.

Lot’s of places with similar views. Could be great, or dull, boring, slow, hard to reach, nothing around except old people being pushed around in wheelchairs by their SEA OFW… a convenience store hopefully within sight…

Could be very cheap, or very expensive.

I’m confused… is it Taichung or Zhongli or where you looking and spending “downtown LA” type view money?

It’s really easy to find a view similar. But life could would be extremely inconvenient and long distance from any thing.

Wont be in taiwan till next year, just looking at options and whatnot. Ideally be looking to live in between Yuanlin and Taichung areas, i know Taichung has this lookout point with that downtown view, wanggaoliao park view, not sure about houses though but condos nearby probably have it. Wonder how much per month rent an actual house type property would be…