Homestay in Taipei - Advice, Experience, How to?

I’ll be studying at ICLP-NTU in the fall and am considering seeking a homestay arrangement with a local family. Hopefully this would be good for Chinese practice.

I don’t know how to set something like that up - Tsui Mama, bulletin board in neighborhoods or at school, etc?

Any advice on the wisdom of this, if it is common in Taipei , and how to arrange would be greatly appreciated.

You might get lucky, but I’m not sure this will be good for your Chinese. People who do this will want a foreigner who will speak English to their kids. Taiwanese people work hard, so the parents will not be around much. Many adults, especially older ones who would have more time, speak Taiwanese at home.

You might have better luck finding some Taiwanese roommates in the Shida/Taida district. Find some cool cafes, hang out, meet people. You’ll soon have plenty of chances to speak Mandarin. Your school may have some bulletin boards, but you should ask.