Hon Hai invests in Quantum Computing

A Taiwanese company is investing in something with no returns for seven years. Let that sink in.


As of September, US$21.9 billion had been invested globally in quantum technology, Liu said, adding that the Ministry of Science and Technology has pledged to invest NT$8 billion (US$282 million) in quantum technology development over the next five years.

That’s not a LOT lot of money for them, is it?

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And yet their stock price :rocket:

And? It’s called R&D. Lots of companies do this.

Example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_(company)

What’s R&D?

That pretty much describes the real estate market here.

There’s no mention of how much Hon Hai is actually going to invest in this, the tax payers seem to be investing NT$8 billion!

Anything and any employee classed as “R&D” in Taiwan gets huge tax breaks and incentives paid for by the taxpayer so Hon Hai is likely invested little in this over the long term.

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Gotcha. So didja pick up any shares?

Seems someone invested NT$8 billion for us all! I wonder what our dividend’s will be like?

My wife says they’ll be good. We got a few shares.

True. I have inside information that tells me the “Quantum Computing Research Center,” with its Taida professors involved, is just a guise for a basket weaving project.

Well, a few days later, and we are up 200kNT. Viva le hype.


Meanwhile China is investing 10+ billion US dollars in quantum computing, 8+ billion in transgenic research and investing in a nuclear future while replanting massive areas of forest and geoengineering the natural infrastructure. The CCP may be shady, but they have the right plan for the future.